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Maddox Saga: Prologue

Colony 27, Outer Rim, 465 P.C.C. (2590 A.D.)

My hands struggle to write these words. This is not the first time I have defied Them, yet still I cannot control the ebb. Knowing each action I take could be my last—but I diverge. It is the four-hundred and sixty-fifth year since Their reign began—the Cormedites—and by Their will, the fate awaiting me and others the same is death. To keep alive the histories of what came before Them is no easy task, but you must be made to know…

You exist for the Cormedites You shall die for the Cormedites All is done to preserve...

What we once knew as Earth has become no more. Conquered and divided into territories by the Cormidian armies, any resistance to Their rule has been swiftly and ruthlessly uprooted. Mankind tried everything at their disposal to destroy what they had created...and in doing so left Them a cold, fallout filled world. Placing Themselves as Gods over what remained, the Cormedites began gathering and dividing the few humans who were left. Those deemed worthy were given protection and allowed admission into the Their camps, while the rest were turned away and abandoned to the waste. Within the habitable parts of the territories They built hundreds of colonies, the largest of which retained true Cormedite overlords. The remaining colonies were given into the hands of lesser men, each swearing an oath to remain loyal to Their regime. To provide resources for the colonies, They began building small, isolated outposts throughout the galaxy. These too are ruled by men, and the Cormedites seldom pay them mind...so long as they continue to pay tribute in resources and manpower.

It has been nearly half a century since their rule began, and it would seem that no end is in sight. Cormedites—the name had once been a play on their original purpose: the “Corporate, Military Elite”; but now it is only synonymous with the horror and corruption They have inspired. Created in the image of God, man, and science, the Cormedites were our greatest achievement…and they’ve all but destroyed us.