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Tex Mex Fandango V

Leaving this week for our Fifth cruise to the Caribbean Sea. The Cayman Islands, Jamaica mon and Cozumel, Mexico! Jimmy Butler holding down the "guitar slingin" and of course our buddy, Augie "the man" Meyers. We've got a new CD called "The Fandangos" coming out this week. It's gonna be HUGE!!! Look for it soon!

Back from Alaska

Well, we did another cruise....this time to Alaska, It was fantazmaniacly fun. Gott do that again...in the next life!!


Noticed I haven't blogged since the last cruise...well here it comes again. The Tex-Mex Fandango III coming up January 30th with Augie Meyers, Kenny Daniel, Joe Forlini, Old Hat Band Rhythm Section - Joe Dianda and Mauel Burciega and me, T. Gozney. We have 106 Fandangoers going with us on this little adventure. It's going to be one "FANDANGO" of a GOOD TIME!!!! Get your Cruise Boots On!!!

Galveston Here We Come - Crusing with Augie Meyers

We're headed over to Galveston for a cruise (as in on a big boat!) with Augie Meyers and the Texas Tornadoes. Details are here: http://soc.li/wu7kFNJ