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Buried and Resurrected Society

I want to again thank all of the fans for there support we couldn't do this without ya'll.. With that said we have a mixtape coming soon that's very fan friendly. I'ts called Buried and Resurrected Society and promises to be one of our best mixtapes...We put Two new songs on our RNation page "New Hustle" and "Hold It Up" check em out, give us some input, and STAY TUNED


I'd Like to thank everbody and anyone who has supported and shared this B.A.R.S. movement thats kicking off........Thank you your support is always appreciated

B.A.R.S. (Introducing)

The B.A.R.S. crew is a group of talented individuals on the rise..The inspiration from thier creativity insires artists from in the group and out..Thier very broad versitilty is showcased trough the wide variety of genre's touch throughout the crew, from Hip Hop to Alternitive Rock....B.A.R.S. is a unique acronym for Buried and Resurected Society