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Metal conversion

I met Chase in 2007 while working for Guitar Center aka the Wall-mart of music. Back then I didn't even own an electric guitar. Before that I'd spent three years bar-tending and gigging at a hole in the wall bar playing solo acoustic gigs on a weekly basis. This was my music education. I was surrounded by pros on a daily basis. Some of the best musicians in Texas came through our small town and dive of a bar. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the best blues acts in the state as well as hard rock and metal bands from all over.

I was naive and timid back then, getting my first doses of metal in a cramped room surrounded by bikers and hard asses just trying to serve drinks and keep the room from getting trashed. I also heard my first Mesa Boogie amp in that room; a local act playing covers of classic rock and blues. The guitarist was playing a Tele and this tiny little amp with a 12 inch speaker. My first thought was "Are you kidding? No way is that going to fill the room." Then he let it rip. My jaw dropped and I couldn't keep from staring. Several years later I met Chase. We ended up working in the warehouse together. The beauty of this job was the fact that we could listen to whatever we wanted to without upsetting customers. This was when I got my first dose of Lamb of God. Then the shit hit the fan. I'd never been a huge fan of metal, and really hated the screaming, thrashed vocal styles so many metal bands use. But then I heard the drums. I couldn't believe how someone could play with such complexity and precision all at once. Syncopated rhythms on the double bass while ripping apart the toms and cymbals. Then on top of that was a sound I was familiar with; Mesa Boogie amps ripping through chords and riffs. I was ruined after that point. Instantaneously turned into a metal head, and now there's no turning back. I hope you all enjoy what we have to offer. We are looking forward to converting some metal fans of our own.

and now here's a little video to share, one of mine and Chase's favorites.