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Free Music For All!

All my songs are now available for free download! Grab 'em, listen to 'em and share them. And if you like what you hear, become a fan. If you really want to show how much you like them, head over to my ReverbNation shop and buy an "official version" to make a donation.

Small Venue Sound Set

Starting to look at a touring rig for small venues. There are so many choices. Wired/wireless, and portable PA systems...

Right now I'm kinda leaning to the BOSE L1 Mk II systems... Anyone with real-world experience on these are welcome to chime in.

Photo Shoot a Success

The photo shoot was a success. Love the final images. There are a few more to come, as soon as the final editing is done on them. I'll post some here, and a also on my facebook site.

Shopping for video gear

Final decisions made about lighting, backdrops and props, camera and software. Now on to story boarding... And shot tracking... And... Gonna be fun!!!

Who doesn't love Fridays?

Well, it's Friday evening, and the weekend's here. Of course, the "best" way to finish a working week is to have a demo for prospective parents and kids at the kindergarten I teach at. Still got to have a day job! But after that I can kick back in the studio and groove a bit on my AX Synth. Really lovin' it. And the weekend I'll be laying down some bass tracks on a couple of new songs. Then they're off to hubby's "Magic Mixing Factory" for some final TLC. Hope to post them soon!

Getting in Shape and Saving Kittens

Started pounding the pavement to get into shape. Singing and dancing is more exhausting than you think.

Also busy with a mini rescue mission to find homes for two stray kittens we saved from a would-be poisoner. One already found a home, one to go.

A Little French!

Just uploaded a French song I did, called "Je'Taime Paris". It was mastered by Billy Stull at http://www.masterpiecemastering.com/ Enjoy.

Wacky Wednesday

Been busy with stray kittens and the normal stuff that makes life life. Booked tickets for our bi-annual trip to South Africa to visit the family and friends.

Marketing sure ain't easy!

Marketing yourself isn't as easy as it seems. Anyone with good marketing tips is welcome to contact me and share them.