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Sean Thornhill aka Mr. Magic

As "Shades of Grey", the new single from Subject2Change, comes near completion, Sean Thornhill (Producer, Guitar/bass/drum player extraordinaire) is hard at work in the studio, mixing, mastering and coming up with some extremely catchy guitar riffs (as you read this) to complete our launch of one incredibly Rocking song!!

Subject2Change could not be happier to give our fans an amazing song to show our everlasting appreciation for all the love we have received! Without all of our fans, our dream could not be possible, so THANK YOU, we love each and every one of you rockers!!!

Keep Rockin -Subject2Change

Shawna Marohnic Thornhill
Shawna Marohnic Thornhill  (almost 6 years ago)

Gonna be HUGE!!!!!!!!!

"Shade of Grey" Update

Last night Subject2Change was hard at work in the studio writing and recording for their newest song "Shades of Grey". With one of their vocalists, Bill Dall, still recovering from surgery, the release of "Shades of Grey" has taken a little longer than expected, but in my opinion, the wait is worth it!

The band is extremely excited about this new track, and after getting to hear a sneak peak I can see why!

Keep Rockin! -Subject2Change

One Week In!

Subject2Change is now one week into their launch on Reverbnation, and the overwhelming support has blown them away! With 550+ song plays, 260+ fans, a 31 local rank and a national rank of 167, there are no words to describe the euphoric feeling in the studio, other than THANK YOU!!!!

To the Reverbnation community, our friends, families and of course our fans, we could not have done it without you! We love you!

Keep Rockin-Subject2Change

Oh Noooo!!!

One of our band members had surgery!! Bill Dall, The vocalist and song writer for songs such as; "Hard to Fake" and "Breaking Out" Under went surgery earlier this week, to remove a lump in his left ass cheek... yes, his left ass cheek. The surgery was a success and the lump was benign, phhhheewww! Unfortunately this has set back our recording for our newest song "Shades of Grey", ohhh we can't wait for this one! "Even thou I am out of commission, I'm still writing my ass off", Said Bill, followed by laughter. Get better soon buddy, we already miss you!!!

Keep Rockin! -Subject2Change

Hard to Fake

Here we are, 5 days in and slowly creeping up the charts, we could not have done it without all your support! Last night was the launch of what we believe to be our single and it has taken off! We have had some interesting and encouraging feedback from our fans that are putting exciting ideas into our heads and on paper!

Thank you again for the support and keep rockin' -Subject2Change

Thank You!!

Well, here we are! 4 days into our first ever launch and we couldn't be happier! Thanks to the overwhelming support of our friends, families and of course, the ReverbNation community, we couldn't have done it with out you guys and gals. Thank you very much from all of us here Subject2Change.

Keep Rockin! -Subject2Change