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Saturday Night, songwriter Heaven

Went to a benefit for my great friend Wild Bill Emmerson's son Saturday night. Was fortunate enough to get to sing a few songs, which was heard by such great songwriters as Tony Stampley, Tommy Barnes, Gerald Smith, Clinton Gregory, Jamie Creasy, and others. Afterwards I was approached by each of them and they told me I sounded great and had a beautiful voice. This was such an overwhelming comment coming from these guys. They are used to working with Hank Williams Jr, Tim McGraw, Lorrie Morgan, Dierks Bentley, among others. What was even more amazing was that they offered to give me some songs to consider for recording. I am so shocked at their kindness, and most of all interest in sharing their music with me. I hope that I will make each one of them proud if I do record any of their music, which I have already started to listen to, and have found at least 2 I would love to record. This opportunity was more than I could have imagined. Got to help out a friend with raising money for his sons medical bills, and God blesses me with allowing me to perform for these songwriters. Thank you Wild Bill for the invite, Scott for the support and getting things ready for me to sing, and most of all to God for blessing me like he has.

Last night in the studio

Was in the studio again last night. Finished the last tracks for the new CD. I am glad to be working with Junior again, he has a lot of knowledge. It feels good to be singing again. I can't explain the joy it brings to me, and I hope my music can bring joy to you. We have already started talking about the next CD, I want it to be an all original cut. If any songwriters out there have something they are interested in having cut, please get with me. I would love the opportunity to see your songs, maybe cut it for you.


Last night was the first night that Scott had been in the studio while I was recording, and I'm glad he could be there. I liked looking out of the sound room and seeing him there supporting me.

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