Thanks for your support in 2014

The Acoustic Rescue Unit and I would like to thank everyone for their support in 2014. We broke changed our name officially, broke into some new venues, visited our regular haunts, played ChillFest again (yeah!), started recording our cd. We are very grateful and excited about 2015, and wish you and your families The Happiest of Holiday Seasons and The Very Best in The New Year. Peace, The ARU

Flabby Hoffman's Radio Extravagonzo!

This Saturday's (9/20) program schedule has been updated; we go on at 1:15pm CST. We hope you can all tune in, especially our friends from out of state. The station broadcasts on 1680am at a low power frequency; I am told the northside of the city is where the strongest signal is: Rogers Park through Ravenswood, Albany Park and maybe even Wrigleyville. Those that cannot catch it on the broadcast, can catch it on the webcast at http://www.que4.org (press the play button at the top right of the screen on that page on computers or mobile devices).

This Sunday! We become the ARU

Just a reminder, This Sunday Chuck's Wagon officially becomes The Acoustic Rescue Unit!


Changing our name

Chuck's Wagon is chaning its name to: The Acoustic Rescue Unit www.facebook.com/acousticrescueunit

CW has served me well since 2003, but I now have real commited musicians and the time has come to remove my name from the focus so reflect the entire band.

I hope you will check out our new facebook page and continmue to follow us there.

The official reverbnation page change will be 6/15. Watch for more news as The ARU continues to evolve - Americana from Chicago!