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Standby For Transmission is #1 Locally!

Five months and five days after the creation of Standby For Transmission's ReverbNation account, Stan Hulsey's music project has reached number one on ReverbNation's local alternative chart. The next goal is to make it to the top ten locally amongst all genres (rap, hiphop, pop, punk, rock, etc...) I am really excited about the many new fans that I have gained and communicated with on ReverbNation as well as my Twitter, Facebook, and Jango Airplay social media sites. There is so much great music out there that is unrecognized by labels and record companies. All I am hoping for is for someone to eventually take a chance on my music to use it for a movie, TV show, or other media that can sustain the investment I have put into this project within the past year. Being a musician and recording yourself is not cheap. Thanks again to everyone for all your support!!!

One month Annaversary

Tomorrow is the one month Annaversary of Standby For Transmission being on ReverbNation. In that time, the project has gone from 70th to 9th on the alternative charts, doubled its facebook friends, started twitter and has 22 followers, and has six songs completed and up for sale digitally. Hopefully more exciting things are in store for Standby For Transmission. Standby...

Day 1 of Reverb Nation

Just setting up my profile on Reverb Nation as well as uploading all the new songs to my older Standby For Transmission myspace page. I don't know if that will do any good, but it can't hurt... Looking forward to getting new fans and hearing some new music from around the country and the world!