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Bringing Me Home

Hey! I just put up a new song on Facebook, Twitter etc called Bringing Me Home. I wrote this with a local writer, NiSco about a year ago. We finally got it demoed in Nashville by the professional musicians and vocalists several months back.Mixing took some time and now I think it's ready. I really hope you enjoy it. Any and all feedback would be welcomed and helpful. Thanks for listening. Henry

A Brand New Love

I just put up a new song called a Brand New Love. I had the idea for it years ago and fiddled with it for 3 years till I felt it was ready (although I never really feel a song is done. I just have to quit sometimes). It's tongue and cheek song about new love. See if you can relate to any of it. Really hope you enjoy it. It should be posted pretty near this post.Thank you.

Recent trip to Nashville yield 5 new songs

With Donnie Skaggs at my side and a great band of seasoned session players, we forged out 5 new songs that have received good marks so far. The next day ,we were joined by 2 of the very best demo singers in Nashville, both of who I've worked with a half dozen times in the past and who I think the world of. Their efforts put the songs over the top. I can't wait to play them for you and will right away. It was a wonderful few days and I'm greatful to have had the opportunity. I really hope you'll enjoy the songs. They are are quite varied in style.

New Song I Surrender All

" I Surrender All I Am to You" has, I'm blessed to say, received lots of attention since being posted 10 or so days ago. 2 of you wrote and asked where the inspiration came from and why the songs seems so singer friendly. The inspiration came from an acquaintance who showed me an old hymn where my subsequent title was a line in the chorus. The hymn went in a completely different direction from my lyrics and, even though the title, or similar ones, has been written 100's of times, the words really impacted me because of my own personal experiences. It seems I struggle at times trying so hard to solve life problems myself instead of turning them over to The Lord who can do anything. It occurred to me that actually surrendering these human issues is a much stronger action on my part than merely turning it over to him. So often , my experience is to turn it over, take it back ad infinitum. I personally related much more deeply with the act of surrender. Thus, the backstory.

The easy "singability"of the chorus has a much easier answer. The chords were simple as was the melody and the chorus contains repetition. So it's pretty easy to sing along with parts of the chorus by the end of the song.

The you sincerely for the likes,tweets and questions.

I'm always happy to answer questions.

Junius Henry

See You in the Summer

This song was the first one I have ever co-written with a Pro-writer from Nashville. He was great to work with and with a lot of help from him, we finished the song in October in about 2 1/2 hours. It usually takes me weeks or even months when working alone. I fed him the idea and some of the lines I had and marveled at his speed and expertise. He is a little more country sounding than I am used to but the story brought back memories. Hope it does for you also. Lyrics and Music co-written by Billy Dee.

The Cradle of Your Grace

I saw the phrase that became the title of this new song about a year ago. I immediately wrote it down and said I have got to write a song about that. So here is the first of the five new songs that were demoed in Nashville 10-8-13, The Cradle of Your Grace. I hope you enjoy it.

Reverbnation Featured Artist

Be sure to check the featured artist on Reverbnation today. We are one of the featured artist. Reverbnation is a site hosting 3.2 million artists and who knows how many songs. Each week they feature artists based on a song that go great radio feedback. They are showcasing the uptempo country song that I wrote called Put Your Dukes Down. I am so pround but mostly, appreciative of your support. Thank You !!!

Y'all I have to do some bragging on your behalf.

Y'all we just found out that we are #2 in all of Greenvillle County in the genre of country. This is a pretty big deal to me and is partially based on your "likes", "tweets" and general support of my music. So I thank you with all my heart for helping me achieve this level.

New Songs

I am in Nashville this week having demos done of some new songs. Hope to be able to share these with all of you very soon.

New Song

Just uploaded a new song called, A Brand New Book. It basically deals with taking baby steps when entering a new relationship, especially since the last one resulted in a great deal of pain. Let me know what you think.