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The international show-project "The show broadway group" The idea of the international project "The show broadway group" gathering of musicians from around the world music band. Musicians will be selected from each country. The project "The show broadway group" will involve 13 musicians, including: 1.Guitar 2. lead guitar 3-4 keyboards. (2 Musicians) 5.Bas guitar 6.drums 7.percussion 8.saksafon 9.Truba 10.female Vocalist 11-12 male vocals 13.Trambon playing in such directions as: funk, pop, fusion, soul. There will also be connected to a dance team. After the final selection, the musicians will be invited to the International show-project "The show broadway group".

Igor Gorbunov

I Hello! Producer of The show broadway group project: Igor Gorbunov-songwriter, musician , which is recognized in New York http://welcome2nyc.com/view.video.php?id=8013#video, California http://www.welcome2cali.com/view.video.php?id=57#video and England, looking for record label company to sign a contract in order to make songs, marketing, promotion. Our web sites: http://www.reverbnation.com/theshowbroadwaygroup, http://www.devendo1981musicmovies.com/igorgorbonov.htm

Regards, The show broadway group project Mail to: ig607364@gmail.com

The show broadway group.

Not much that I want say about this song other than I can t stop singing these people are from Russia doing it in very incognito earth wind and fire 70`s sound .Yet they have manage to stamp all over

the music there own vibe ,this we certainly need .The group really need a producer to help with further developing there sound .I f this is what they do then surely it can only bee a matter of time for IGOR GORBONUV and THE BROADWAY .there is a lot of talent here and I want to here more from this funky soulful group.

IGOR GORBONUV is a musician, composer and director of "The Broadway show" Igor Gorbunov from Kazani.Muzykalnaya career began in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where I worked in the Jazz klube.Muzyku began writing in 1987. Posted about 80 songs in styles such as: fusion, rhythm and blues, soul, funk, etc. In Kazan, he met with arranger Yuri Fedorov and made a new project. A year ago his work in New York and Paris, made a big impact, especially on the song dedicated to Michael Jackson.Muzykanty who participated in this project-session, excellent music if anyone can help contact them here .In the mean time please check out this fantastic song DURING FLYING .