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The album...

is coming along nicely. Denver came by today and laid down some tasty bass riffs for song 6 and we did some arranging to a few more songs. Hopefully we can get some lyrics and vocs soon. When that happens, we will start sending these songs to the producer and get the real recordings done. Can't wait!

Denver on the Bass!!!

Well, Denver, from Iowa, has finally settled in. He came by yesterday to work on some songs. He is a great dude and amazing player. Check out song 3. He added some bass lines to the song. They still may change, as he listens to it more, but for learning 3 songs in 3 hours and laying bass tracks to one of them, I'd say it was a pretty productive afternoon.

Cheers! Shawn

Writing music...

I started learning to play basic guitar a long time ago, when I found it was really hard to write songs on the drums. So, this past week I find myself taking advantage of all those years. I'm by no means a good guitarist. I'm moderate at best. But I find my creative juices flowing like never before. It feels great. Hopefully some guitarist will pick up on this and decide to come try out. But, for the time being, I'll continue writing my material, and hopefully have a full albums worth very soon. Then off to Mr. Mike Bailey to work his magic.