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Before the release

We just wanted to post something with a little bit more content before the cd was released. You have to understand that you are only allowed 140 characters to type within when you post from reverbnation. Let's start off by talking about the digital distribution of Issue: 1 Yggdrasil. Many sites have different evaluation periods and since we received the final product today, it could take anywhere from 3-6 weeks (perhaps longer). However, tomorrow you can purchase the physical copy from www.slimandred.com (by clicking on S&R Shop), or by going to www.reverbnation.com/slimandred (and clicking on the album cover). Now- (the important stuff), we want to sincerely thank everyone that is listening, that cares, and that has shared anything that we have done. Know right now, that we would still make the music, but it is indescribable, the feeling that we get to know that it has fallen on your ears. Hate- Love- Anger- Joy- Any emotion we give is a glimpse into your own life, to which we are amazed and honored to share with each other. Music isn't just sound, but emotion made flesh. Once again, thank you all for the positive energy and support. Amazing.... absolutely Amazing.


Let's talk about October 5th. This is the day when our FIRST CD gets released! To purchase a CD, visit our online store (S & R Store) at www.SlimandRed.com. As of right now this is will be the only place to buy the CD (the physical copy). Digital copies should be released 3 to 6 weeks after (maybe even sooner). Pricing for this CD from www.SlimandRed.com will be $9.99! We appreciate all the Love and Support from everyone and hope you like the finished product because we’ve certainly had an amazing time creating it!


This is NUTS!!! In a good way of course... but you don't realize how quickly things can happen... until you decide to dive in rather than get your toes wet first. AMAZING!