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Tourmented zoulz / Blog


i smoke weed for my pain not taking pills and getting addicted like the government wants us to be , legalise this amazing pain reliever, sleeping aid, eating aid and ect. everyone should be aware of the healing facts there is to weed . if u dont know what they r then who r u too say no. the government is not here for the people they r here to tell u what to do and to put poisons in our foods and water . Yet we as a nation think its better to do what they say like they know whats best. WTF are we thinking let start making the changes to make our nation a better place. Weed dont make u rob people or kill or anything violent these are false acusations that are putting people against it. If it was so bad then y do u have to see a doc to get a licens in some places and can get it freely legally ? DUH people facts out weigh the lies of the government

got something to say ?

Why dont you say what u want to say ? This society expect us to keep quiet or we will get charged. I say why not if we all are speaking out for what we believe in then what can they do? Lock us all up ? there isnt enough prisons or jail or government facilities to hold us down, theres not enough law enforcment to hold us back. So why dont everyone speak out for what is right and stop just taking it. I have always been told that i would never make anything of my self and destined to be a criminal and now that im doing me and my music is speading like cancer they fucking hate me. Im good with that because thats what keep me going and keep bring this fire. It doesnt go with out saying that the fans/ listeners arnt the reason we r where we r because they r the reason, but haters are what push it. They make it possible for our fans to hear more music from us and all. So as a society we should be standing up to protect the weak and make it posible for everyone to beable to live comfortably without being homeless or worring were our next meal will be. The government is surpressing us and we need to stop them from doing so. our constitution says we the people the people of the states , not we the governing concle so lets use our rights for what they r intended for!!! Mcl for all those who have made us who we r and for all the support.

whats the point

why do we have represenitives to represent us if they dont give a fuck about anyone else but the pay check? Why dont we switch places give me that check and u take mine for a year and no access to ur accounts so u know how we feel living in poverty

ur opinion

Should we have a say in what the government is doing to us? I think that we should after all our country started out as the people and now its nothing more than "what we say goes if u dont listen the we will poisin u, lock u up , and make u dissappear sincerely your government." Why should we put up with this? we have a right to know whats going on and not to be piosoned, i mean we r supossed to be free and now we r nothing more but slaves to of so called freedom. what do u think feel free to add whatever u want to say on this subject.

got shit on my mind

blood guts motherfucking guttin people everyday the voice says to slash em accross the stomach an jump shit ur bitch shit an flip shit fuck ur misstress wickedly tormented in my mind and dreams it seems i love to see the blood flow indeed a murder seen my only fear is never being known i want to be a legend in the media an news now bitch its sucess

freestyle i guess

i feelin sadistic not to mention the twiztid thoughts in my head murder an myheim is the images flashin got me lashin out an feelin like blastin this hasnt happened in awhile the last one caught an axe in the back standing alone in the cemitary where many thinks its scary kickin it with dead got most people wary then i caught these beedy green eyes starin at me no hisitation just glarin at me so i stuck my knife in em consuming me this evil takin my life into the dark side merly tormented

this is for our fans

we do this for u all of it we are making music to help pass ur time and relate to u guys r the reason for what we do ur the reason why we r getting known and making it possible to bring the wicked shit we love r fans for that and plann to keep it going and become an empire and building a fan base that is unstoppable thank u for ur support and listening to us spread the word and listen more an more


whats the deal about us bein called a gang? we r just bein us and havin fun now we cant walk with the homies or we get stopped and searched? how come we r a gang and the cops r not ?

Working on new stuff

Working on a new cd and several other things. Possibly doing shows in Ft.collins co. so keep ur eyes open for us fam. New to this so what is everyone thinking bout tourmented?