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NESMA & the VANES...

I'm thrilled to announce that the VANES have become a part of the North East Surf Music Alliance! I know some of you that I've met through sites like reverbnation.com are also a part of NESMA, and I'm proud to be counted among such fine surf and instro musicians. For those of you who aren't familiar with NESMA, you can check them out at nesmasurf.org A big THANK YOU to both Mike and Sandy for inviting the VANES into the NESMA family and for their efforts to keep surf alive and thriving throughout the Northeast and beyond. Vinny the VANES

Check it out!!!

Hello, everyone!! Thanks for taking a look, and please be sure to check us out on www.myspace.com/thevanes.

corporealistic simianism

Listening to The Vanes has been described as "staring into the gentle mirror of God." At once comforting, captivating, and downright frightening, The Vanes strive to bring thier listeners to the edge of both Heaven and Hell, where, hopefully, you will realize they are both the same place ruled by the same telepathic, shapeshifting, six-eyed, simian demons that you can faintly hear if The Vanes' music is played backwards.