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Please leave a comment....

Yes, and please do leave a comment after reading our last blog entry if you agree, disagree, or are completely and utterly in a state of 'I don't care what you rays of sunshine say... I'm buying my facebook likes, follows, and plays and you can't stop me!!!!" ... no, we certainly can't stop you... not at all... nor would we want to stop you as you are contributing to the economy in your own special way... good for you.

A RANT!!! lol...

Okay... we've had artists ask us why we don't have our stats posted - the answer is simple - THEY'RE MEANINGLESS! Well, to us at least.

Music isn't about competition for us against you, or the rest of all artists in the world... we just would like to share our music to anyone that wants to listen... if you like it, great! If not, we're not going to be upset because you have your own taste & opinion of what you like.

No artificial chart or stat that can be easily manipulated is going to represent what is good music (I mean c'mon - any artist can BUY likes, listens and follows. And there are a LARGE number of those of you that do! lol...).

We find it laughable because you pay for something that is fake. But that is your choice and if it makes you feel good, then all the power to you. We prefer to have real people listen and decide for themselves. It is a choice... and we thank you if you appreciate what we do. That is one thing the charts & stats can't measure! Peace & love to you all...

UltraViolet (UVA & UVB rays protected! :D ).

AZAKEL  (over 4 years ago)

Nice, a great attitude..

Amante's Logic
Amante's Logic  (over 4 years ago)

Just read your blog and I completely agree with you. It's great to hear other artists that feel the same way. I remember a eurodance artist (Daisy Dee) once said "It just doesn't make any sense to create music and all the time think 'will it sell?' People should only produce music which they would buy themselves".
It's something I have lived by ever since I started creating music back when I was 17 years old.

Bolognamasque  (over 4 years ago)

I would like to sell you the PEI bridge.


OK, FB likes R a sore point : ) We will like yours if you like ours : )


Like our Facebook, we'll like yours - don't ask us after WE fanned U first : )


If U ask us to like UR FB after WE'VE fanned U - forget it... retrun the favour & like our FB & we'll like yours! only fair, right? : )

In the beginning....

Soon, we will record more songs to show what we are made of (mostly water), what our goal is (world domination, but we'll take the city first), and find out how they get the caramilk into the caramilk bars!!!! (moo, ha, ha.... evil laugh thunder sound fx!)