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Now ASCAP Registered

Done deal.

Making a World Vision and the Misnomer of Non-Profit

After looking at all my options, I chose a while back to donate about .59 cents from each song's sale proceeds to World Vision's ministries, which would leave me with less than a dollar. However, one day I tried purchasing one of my own songs, and noticed that the buyer had the option to donate an unlimited amount of money to the non-profit (which I'm not very familiar with, but believe in) while I get less than $2.00 for the sale of the song I worked on. That was total crap in my opinion, and I'm not sure if maybe the donation method has changed since then? You should know that some "not for profit" entities make lots of money and therefore, are really like "for profit" entities when you look at them and realize how many people get paid to run it. Be careful how you donate. Thanks to Reverb Nation, for a great service.

Done Looking for a Label

I'm no longer interested in getting calls from record company "executives" who want to meet at Starbucks. I'm making more friends than I can keep up with, producing my own entertainment, and learning how to produce multiple TV show projects in my spare time when not writing music. In other words, don't call me unless you have a serious offer.

Working Out the Kinks

Maybe a good album title, huh? That's how I feel everyday I go back to the studio to edit. I'm just starting out here on RN, and I barely have the luxury of doing much at home, with a busy house, and "my" Mac belongs to the SMC-TV studio. I'll be editing my music and creating new songs as much as possible. It's a fine balance between that and waiting for the right woman... at least the one I have in mind. I wonder if she knows. ;)