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New Album Hits the Press!!

The new album, Regression, by The Skinny has hit the presses!! Release date to be announced any day now. Go to reverbnation.com/lesskinny and check out the new single "Down on You". Do it today!!!

Warped Tour battle of the bands

Fans and music lovers!!! Please take a whole bunch of time out of your day and vote endlessly for The Skinny to play The Warped tour this summer. Just think, our sexy bods sweatin and glisining, out in the sunshine, groovin and banging for your pleasure. Glorious!!!! So vote, vote, vote!!! Not one regret shall you have!!! http://www.battleofthebands.com/u/lesskinny

Bands and Fans!

We want to play with other bands next year, similar sounds, crowds, enthusiasm, all that good stuff! Focussing on our fine tuned original stage show, we want to spread ourselves father than we can see.

Let us know if you wanna trade some shows/ have a bar that would be interested in booking us/ or just wanna tell us you love us!

The Skinny NEEDS to hear from you!

Monday Monday

Lookin forward to tomorrow. Gonna talk about what we will diring our hibernation this winter... Recording, working on merch, trying to expand what we have already written and built, and of course what we do bet, write more music! Even when we tell ourselves we ned to not write, it never works out like that. We just gotta get it out!

2013 The Informed Year

Squalling around us is a darkening cloud of reactions. Slowly and steadily, this music we create is getting heard by more people. Sharing with their friend, family, cohorts. Dirt is being kicked up... condensation is forming and running down our walls. Their ears are open now. Their eyes have seen it. Their bodies have jived and danced in excitement... The Skinny, the lowdown, the information, the happening..... They want more!! And not just you who know us, but those who WANT to hear us, see us, love us! When will them street prophets give us something more tangible?? We want cds! We want t-shirts! We want a tour!

Ok, lets not get hasty. But yes, we know what you guys want. And you know that we are itching to give it up to ya's... release our creative juices.... and cover your chests in our colors.... finally climaxing.... well, we want you to have merchandise too. :) We aren't even started yet people! You may listen to The Skinny, but you haven't HEARD the Skinny yet.....