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Csmootha live

Next show is sept.7 I'm performing MNM & Into yu


When it comes to my legacy wen itz all said & done I hope not to be remembered as tha best rapper of my tyme but as tha best messenger of my Tyme Becuz wen yu listen to aye C$mooth record datz wut ur Getn aye message I think datz my biggest connection to Biggie my story telling abilities

Music Thoughts pt 2

My biggest hits are "Wett for me" & "Lately" And I think datz Becuz women are tha best fans in tha world & those 2 songz cater to both types of women "Lately" is for tha classy ladies & "Wett for me" is for tha Freakz Ive learned life is all about keeping tha ladies happy & music is no different lol ;) But my all Tyme personal favorites would have to be "Title & Target & Dominate Becuz i really showed how lyrical i am on those tracks I didn't hold back

Music Thoughts

Tha songz I'm most Proud of as aye artist would have to be "Yu deserve Betta" & "CoCo" Becuz i wuz able to do wut very few artist can talk about 2 very deep subjects women abuse & single parents but still make it catchy to wear yu almost get tricked into listen to tha message becuz tha songz are so umm wutz tha word lol hip I guess


I think tha greatest complement aye artist can give anotha artist is Damn i wish i woulda made dat song

"Wett for me video

Gone be shooting aye video soon for my hit song "Wett for me" but I need tha peoples help on coming up with aye creative video concept so if yu got any Gud ideas hit me up

Help Champ

I really need errbody help & support plz listen to as many of my songz as yu can & share my page every play helps to boy dropping in rank quick & I need ur help to get back up!!!

Inspirational Music

Startn my own label Inspirational Music & Bringn Back my old Group Tha Indapendent Hustlaz rite now itz just me & Ghost but we lookn to recruit singers promoters & rappers so hit me up if yu interested in joining

Smootha than yu knew

I'm always tryna stay creative & change tha game so for my new mixtape I'm not gone package it Ima just put all tha songz for it on here & let errbody download & burn tha 1's they want so errbodys copy of "Smootha than yu knew will be there on unique verse

Wett for me

New track coming soon featuring C-Fetti