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4 Love Is All Anti Bulling Campaign

Check out 4 Love is All Bullying Campaign Project I am involved with - https://www.facebook.com/forloveisall

For Love Is All anti Bullying Campaingn

Songwriters - artist musicians - Filmmakers - Join Us https://www.facebook.com/forloveisall?ref=hl

and the beat goes on / Film and Music Project

2nd day of Filming of " And The Beat Goes On" Rocked - Natural light was on our side - - not to mention that Shady Side Maryland was a perfect location Looking forward to viewing the Ruff edit - Glenn Goss

and the beat goes on

Shady Side MD - First day of Filming went great -

on the road again

Packing the car with gear and heading south this morning - First stop Alexandria and then onto Reston VA, Sure picked a fine day for a road trip, raining like mean-streak out there - But duty calls - Be safe - take Cover and have a great weekend

Riverfest Red Bank

June 1st I will be playing The Riverfest in Red Bank nj With Peter Prasa & Fred Doward - 5pm -

Double G with Peter Prasa

Catch me and Peter Prasa - or is it Peter Prasa and gg - its one of those - your choice - this Wednesday eve and then were heading over to Cook Smith's Open Mic

Brookdale Student Radio 90.5 HD3 brookdalestudentradio.com Brookdale Student Radio 90.5 HD3 is Brookdale Community College's completely student run radio station... all students, all the time. You can hear it on 90.5 HD3 with an HD radio, this website or any device capable of playing an internet radio stream (cell phones, some blu-ray players, etc)

Takin it to the Streets -

Here's whats coming up gig wise - We be takin it to the streets - This Saturday -Thats tomorrow 8/18 I will be Joining Peter Prasa - Sat Aug 18 2012 -8:00pm - New Brunswick, NJ at Tumultys Pub - August 23 - you will find me and Chuck Schaeffer at Sugar Loaf Concerts on the Lawn - SugarLoaf NY - Showtime 6:30 - Aug 28th The Saint - Asbury Park Nj with Zara Phillips - there you have it and the beat goes on

"Madelyn" Reclaims The # No 1

"Madelyn" Reclaims The # No 1 Slot On The Alt./Acoustic Charts @ IAC Internet Radio YESS!!! Written By : Michael Caruso / Glenn Goss - Now that's Coolbeans in anybody's book - We had a great time writing this song together - and Michael Caruso's version is Killer


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