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Oh technology

So, we have let Reverb kind of slip through the cracks... Its hard to keep up with all of the networking sites. But that is no longer the case. I, Moriah, promise to not let it be months and months before any activity on out site... Be prepared for actual messages for those of you on our mailing list :) As of right now I don't have anything too important to promote, but here is what is coming:

-Our new single "Back Of The Crowd" we be mastered and ready for you guys very soon!! (and we have a little surprise with the release)

-We are starting a video blog soon!! For all you kids out there that don't get to see us to often!

-And we have more shows coming up! I will post the dates when i know everything for sure (Dayton Does Dayton Festival, Cervical Cancer Benefit, etc)

Don't forget to check us out on Facebook as well!! We still have myspace and twitter, but facebook is probably your best bet lol (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jasper-the-Colossal/80222547580?v=info)

Thanks everyone! Stay Tuned!!!! -Moriah

You Tube, Club Vex, and Falling Down

we wanted to thank EVERYONE for coming out to the show last night at the pearl (vex, but we still call it pearl). we had a blast! we got some really good footage for our pseudo music video thing (we love that everyone got into it and dance whole bunches!) so check back soon for those! to those who missed it, here's a synopsis:

He Laughs! He Learns! He Loves! fucking amazing. that's really all that can be said here. one of my new favorite bands, and they should be yours too!

Atomic Johnny Space rock!! we love these guys. they're always fun, and very nice guys (which everyone knows makes the band that much more awesome)

Us I fell over the monitor. Nicki's bass hated us the first song, but then loved us for the rest. Mo has a mohawk...nuff said. Sarah's drum solo was pretty awesome. Nicki didn't feel good at the beginning of the night, but then busted it out like a champ. we had a mosh pit (which we're not used to, and we're ok with! lots of fun, no major injuries, and sweat.)

The Henrique and Jeffro Show! these guys are super offensive! and that's the fucking point. anyone with a solid sense of humor and a taste for mojo nixon should check these guys out!

john lakes is the man for sound. justin is the man for recording. henrique and his cousin are the men for filming. and everyone that came, we love you! those of you who didn't, there will be more chances! hopefully we'll see you in april when we open for...................drum roll please...................


that's all for now

take care,


Boo yah (yeah...i said it)

Well kids, we found out lady. Sarah will be taking over for Ian effective after our show on the 29th. She's a fast learner, so look for us to come back full force by the begining of next year!

A sad day at Jasper headcourters

Unfortunately, Ian will be leaving us at the end of November. We wish him well. We are currently auditioning drummers (email us if you're a badass who aspires to live in a van with 3 girls) and we hope to be able to come out of this unscathed. We will miss our Ian face, though...

love, paige


Tumbleweed Connection

* HQAX 1:00 - * The Northwest Ordinance 12:00 – 12:35 * Jasper The Colossal 11:00 – 11:35 * The Goody Two Shoes 10:00 – 10:35 * The Whataveya 9:00 – 9:35

hola....como esta?

so we did this podcast interview in jersey...you should check it out


i warn you...it's rediculous

Pictures from NY

Hey everyone...you can see pictures from our recent adventure in NY and NJ on our myspace under the tagged photos. you should check those up...or out...i guess out would've been the word