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The story so far..........

From a dusty pub cellar, with the sound of waves crashing in the background, come Hornswaggle; a band out of time, with stories to tell and good times to be had. Merging folk music styles and instrumentation with fairytales, folklore, pagan and pirate imagery, plus a healthy dose of real ale, the band are developing quite a fanbase both in the UK and over in the US. “The songs have wide appeal,” the band said. “We like telling stories. All of our songs are filled with pirates, highwaymen, hangings, magic and booze. What’s not to enjoy?” Created by Chris Peace (guitars and vocals) and Damien Mckeating (double bass) the duo have created close to thirty original songs in a little over a year, with more coming all the time. Mark Hargreaves (accordion and vocals), Emily Thompson (vocals) and Šárka Skučková (violin) fill out the core line up, with percussion added as needed. Listening to their songs you quickly notice how much variation there is between them; from the twisted fairytale folk of Red, to the rousing Good For What Ails You, or the poignant and heartfelt Sun On Your Face. Yet each song feels part of a whole, it feels like it belongs to that unique Hornswaggle sound. A mix of male and female vocals and three part harmonies is all part of that sound – and you may already be familiar with it. Hornswaggle have been heard on Stafford FM’s What The Folk Is That and on the BBC Shropshire show Folk On Sunday, where the band were invited to do a live session. So far this year Hornswaggle have released a promo video for The Circle, filmed in a haunted pub, and in September released their five track debut EP ‘Heart, Soul and Blood’.