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New Exciting Stuff

We finnaly have new pictures! Truely, new pictures taken last Saturday by Kaylie Deem (my lovely wife!) amazingly at about 7:00AM! She's got the good ones edited and everything, we just need the go ahead to put them up and such so keep an eye out! By the way, these aren't gig shots, they're photo-shoot quality (if you didn't assume that from the 7am thing). Regardless, thank you so much Kaylie! YOU ROCK! Last night, we played an awesome show at the Garage, on Fry St. Someone told us that, "This was awesome! I'll be at your next show!" Hearing stuff like this totally makes our shows! We love it when people tell us how much they enjoyed hearing us play our music. Totally cool, you rock, guy! It was a great show, we had a lot of fun (as always) and we're all fired up about tonight! I'll get to that in a second... Also exciting, we have some new songs that are just about ready for a first run around infront of a live audiance! At shows coming up very soon, we'll be playing titles such as "Just Like Me" and others at shows probably no more than down the street from you (if you're in Denton). Of course, we do have a show coming up in Greenville, so if you're out there, you'll get a taste of this first hand as well. Tonight we're gearing up for the long awaited show at Hailey's on the square (122 Maple, its in Denton). For sure we are also playing with Little Bighorn, and opening up for something that I'm not sure how to describe. You'll have to just see this one! If nothing else, we are in need of people to come out and get crazy tonight!

Good Show!

Last night, we played a man down at R-Bar. It was weird but we pulled it off. The band hasn't played without Steve in almost a year, and we can all tell the huge difference he makes. Escaping Gravity and Siren City were both awesome, and after the show everyone hung out for a while just chillen. Awesome guys! We all bounced some ideas off each other about future shows at R-Bar or somewhere else. Everyone just wants to play their damn music and have people there to enjoy it! As far as I'm concerned, I'm in! We can't wait to play with these guys again and hopefully no one will completely miss out on it. This is a bad ass line up and definitely worth seeing!

Coming up, we have a gig at Hailey's, and ICC's Fall Festival. No matter how it works out these are going to be a lot of fun, and we look forward to seeing everyone out at Hailey's and meeting a ton of people at the fall festival! See you then.


Brandon Eleven Dollars


We just got our newly recorded EP "Missing Pieces" put up on our player for all to hear. A special thanks goes out to the staff at Indian Trail Recording for the excellent work that was done! We hope you enjoy the music and spread the word about Eleven Dollars! By the way, it also needs to be said that Coors Light is delicious!



Getting Started!

Hello everyone, just a quick message... we just got this account set up so things will be picking up quickly in the next couple days. Hang tight, we'll get music and pictures and everything you want and need from Eleven Dollars as fast as we can! Cheers! Brandon