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Back From Tour!

Howdy Everyone!! Well, I’m back from the first real tour as The March Divide! I’d like to send out a huge thanks to everyone that helped with the tour in any way! Bands that played the shows, promoters & clubs that helped set up the show, anyone who bought stuff, anyone that let me stay at their place, & everyone that signed the mailing list! Thanks!!! We’ve got some Texas shows coming up, and another tour will be announced soon! Keep an eye out for full band & solo shows in your area! Also, our new ep, “Music for Television” will be out July 9th on Dead Letter Records! It features seven songs recorded at the same time as our debut album, “Music for Film”! “Music for Television” will be available on cd, vinyl, & for digital download where ever you like to grab that kind of stuff. Here’s a link to the first review of “Music for Television”: http://www.babysue.com/2013-June-LMNOP-Reviews.html#anchor310148 Please follow us on Spotify! http://spoti.fi/Y2aQlA Thanks! The March Divide

Radio, Tour, n' stuff!

Hello All! We hope that spring has treated you well! We're just writing to keep you up to date on some of the happenings in The March Divide camp! First off, we're excited to announce(again) the Mid-West tour kicking off in May! We also have some shows in Fort Worth & Dallas this weekend, and another in San Antonio on May 3rd.. didn't want to leave those out! If you'd like to RSVP to any of those dates, feel free at the link below! https://www.facebook.com/TheMarchDivide/app_123966167614127 Aren't you tired of flipping the radio dial, just looking for something goo to listen to?? Well, look no further!! We've got an updated list of all the radio stations playing our album in rotation across the US & Canada!! Check out the list stations we're on here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/1ArWejT5IMJ4WPsC5YikTPWElDbzFdV2kenXRceh9-5n726jn2h1jpDWB2KZE/edit?pli=1 Tune in, enjoy, & please REQUEST US! If you need any info on any of these stations(like maybe the request line), don't hesitate to ask! We hope to see you all at the shows! We're gonna leave you with one more link.. Just in case you haven't bought our new album "Music for Film", here's a review from the Norman Transcript by Doug Hill: http://normantranscript.com/ntown_reviews/x1916528439/Music-review-The-March-Divide-is-impressive-rich We hope this talks you into taking the lunge! Thanks for being on the mailing list! Hopefully, your favorite rock outfit, The March Divide

Finally Streaming!

Howdy everyone! We’re excited to let you know, that after a bit of a delay, our debut album, “Music for Film” is finally up on most of the streaming sites! Here are a couple of links, just to make it easy for you! Spotify: t.co/uW4LSCOoa5 Rdio: http://www.rdio.com/artist/The_March_Divide/album/Music_for_Film/ Or, if you just want to buy it on cd, record, iTunes, etc. we’ve made it real easy here: http://themarchdivide.com/merch/ The other BIG news is a Mid-West tour kicking off in late May! Here’s a list of some upcoming shows & tour dates! March 30th – Houston, TX - Super Happy Fun Land April 5th – San Antonio, TX – BONESHAKERS! April 19th – Ft. Worth, TX – The Cellar April 20th – Dallas, TX – Bill’s Records(in store 3pm) April 20th – Tyler, TX – TBA May 22nd – Tulsa, OK – The Treehouse May 23rd – TBA May 24th – Aberdeen, SD – Art & Bicycle Spectacle May 25th – Minn/St. Paul, MN – TBA May 26th – Milwaukee, WI – Frank’s Power Plant May 27th – St. Louis, MO – The Way Out May 28th – TBA May 29th – Louisville, KY – Haymarket Whiskey Bar May 30th – Memphis, TN – P & H Café May 31st – TBA June 1st – Tyler TX – TBA More shows to be announced soon, please keep checking our website for more details, as the plot unfolds! Or, click the link at the bottom of this email for more info on confirmed dates! We hope to send out some more pretty exciting news later this week! Thanks for your support! We hope to see you at the shows!! (Hopefully)Your Favorite Rock Outfit, The March Divide

Happy New Year!

Okay, so 2012 is behind us, on to 2013! Thanks so much to everyone that’s helped us get on our feet; John Glover, Jeremy & Sean at Dead Letter, and Josh at Fanatic Promotion just to name a few. We’re excited to take on the new year with the release of our first album on February 12th along with a whole lotta shows! The water seems fine, we’re jumping in head first!! Thanks! The March Divide


It's official, The March Divide has signed to Dead Letter Records!! That's right, we've now joined the ranks(to name a few) of such acts as Southerly, Small Towns Burn A Little Slower, Robert Deeble, Ryan Traster, and... wait for it... The Conversation! Who could forget that last one? Our first album Music for Film will be released in early 2013, and thanks to DLR, available anywhere on the planet you'd like to buy it! I wish I could spill the beans on some of the other cool stuff we've got going on, but I just can't do it.. I can say that we will be doing some shows soon, when and where TBA very soon, and you can expect some unexpected songs to be released before the end of the year! Jared out..

Amost There!

Okay, we pretty much have our world wide web house in order, our website along with all the other social sites the folks like to visit are up and running. We’d like to invite you to take a tour of all our sites! Please “like” & “share” us on facebook, “follow” us on twitter, “friend” us on myspace, and “become a fan” on reverbnation… did I leave any out? Oh, and tell everyone you can think of to do the same! We should be able to announce a release date for the album soon, we’re just waiting for the final mixes, then it’s off to mastering, etc., etc., etc., etc. We’ll keep you posted as the plot unfolds. In the mean time, we’ll be playing lots of shows! Thanks to everyone that has taken an interest in what we’re up to! While there’s some success from a few of our past projects, we haven’t really even told anyone about the band, much less done anything to push it. It’s exciting to see that people are taking an interest.. we won’t let you down. Jared