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Next 24

Life has a tendency of handing us situations and circumstances that may seem unfair and it may seem as though we are running out of options quickly. We have a tendency to forget who is in control of our lives and that there was a specific purpose designed for us even before we were born. The people we surround ourselves with, the way we handle the conflicts that arise in our lives, and the way we interact with the people we come in contact with all have a huge impact on whether or not we move toward our purpose or move in the opposite direction. A lot of times we want to hang on to the people that God wants us to let go of. We also tend to hang on to habits that we know are destroying us because they are familiar territory. What's holding you back? Is it your current circumstances? Is it your past? Who told you that you couldn't do "that thing" that you've always wanted to do? Don't sabotage yourself by staying in the same place you were five years ago, one year ago, or even yesterday. God wants us to surrender to His will for our lives. He wants us to remove the unnecessary things from our lives that are holding us back from walking in the purpose that He predestined for us. We all have 24 hours in a day to maximize the great potential that lies within us. How will you use your next 24?