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"Love Ain't A Race Car"

Country Great Jake McVey recently recorded, "Love Ain't A Race Car" for song writer's devoted to saving lives and families. Over half the sales of label BMM Inc. songs go to Charity like World Vision for Children. Song writers Terrance Allen and Dr. Dan are confident the new genre of rehab and recovery songs will benefit all professionals in treating alcohol, food, drug and co-dependency addictions. Imagine affected family members playing, "Chronic" or "Analyzing Monsters" for the first time. Imagine the intervention possibility as the songs are repeatedly played by family members for "identified patients"! Online Rehab Clinic (ORC) www.OnlineRehabClinic.com will benefit directly as well and all songs will be available soon for download at ORC's Shop. Contact: Dr. Dan drdantb@gmail.com 608 345 4593