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Wiggitone Band Update

Wiggitone Band Update

Well God is truly able! we had our first full band rehearsal, and all the hard work and preparation paid off. I booked Ultra Sound Studio in NYC it was a fabulous room and affordable rate. Every one was on time and The band was hot and the singers were on point. I plan to have another full rehearsal before our June 4th performance at Adam Clayton Powell Plaza in Harlem NY. This is for Rector Cancer awareness sponsored by Harlem Hospital. There will be Lots of different acts performing, The Wiggitone Band is scheduled to perform at 3pm. sharp. We’re also planning a television appearance on Manhattan Neighborhood Network TV. To promote this show as well. I’m truly thankful to the Lord and it’s a blessing to be able to perform this Contemporary Christian Music that God has inspired me to compose.

The Wiggitone Band Update #2

The Wiggitone Band update 2

Well Today is Tuesday April 19th 2016, and we have a vocal rehearsal tonight and the singers have been rehearsing very hard to make this show June 4th at the state building on Harlem stage a success, The band members have finally been determined. One thing for sure,God showed me just who’s in my corner. I called Bassist Gene Torres, Original Wiggitone Band member Guitarist Larry Marsden, and Drummer Jeff Garfin for a rehearsal like two weeks ago and two days before the rehearsal Jeff calls me to let me know he can’t make band rehearsal for the month after he had confirmed it a week prior. Well you know I hit the ceiling two days before a rehearsal and no drummer for the first band rehearsal, So I decided to call Gene Torres and ask him what should I do. Gene just asked me how long did I know Jeff. I told him we had just met doing this church gig up in the Bronx. He said I should just get another Drummer and he supplied me with three names and numbers to call. surprisingly the first number I called was successful and the drummer lived in the Bronx, so I ended replacing Jeff Garfin with Mike Quarrel. It was a good thing that I took pictures with Just the singers for Promo of the Wiggitone Band because the pictures we took with Jeff. was now no good. Regardless I can photo shop Mike in the picture scheme with no problem. We did rehearse and it sounded great. The band is definitely Hot. It must be all in God’s plan, You see God knows what’s best for this music that he has inspired me to compose and he answered my prayer because he supplied my need with this drummer. I don’t question the Lord, I put it all in his hands. Next week we’ll have a full band rehearsal with Singers and the Rhythm Section and of course the anointing.

The Wiggitone Band Update 1

Today Monday March 19th 2016 l have a rehearsal at Ultra Sound in New York. I’m optimistic trying to be optimistic about this rehearsal, and yet I know it will not be a full rehearsal because I won’t have a full band. I play at Soul Tabernacle church every Sunday with four musicians I asked the musicians there if they perform with me on a gig I have on June 4th, It’s going to be a benefit the Cancer Society and outside event in front of the state building at 125th street in Harlem and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. Danny the bassist, Lowell the Guitarist, Jeff the Drummer and my self Robert Wiggins aka Wiggitone. I originally had booked a studio in the Bronx because being Church we play at is in the Bronx, I thought it would be more convenient for the Band. But when I asked the guys at Choir Rehearsal Last Thursday, Lowell the guitarist said that he would rather do it at Ultra Sound Studio in Manhattan, The other guys seem to agree so I cancelled the rehearsal Lush Studios in the Bronx and Booked Ultra Sound. So It was set when I left rehearsal Thursday I had a commitment from the guys that they would do the gig on June 4th and attend the rehearsal on Monday March 21 2016. at Ultra Sound Studio . I planed to have a full Rhythm Section, My background singers June Alto singer and Penny Soprano singer have been working with me since Last year so I knew that penny would be there and June is my personal manager as well and she pretty much goes with me to all my gigs. Would you believe on Saturday, Lowell calls me up and tells me he has a gig on Monday and that he couldn’t make it to rehearsal, You know I was tight because he was the main reason why I booked Ultra Sound Studio which mind you was 15 dollars more per-hour then Lush studio in the Bronx. Ultra Sound Studio was 45/hour I had booked it for 3 hours from 7pm. - 10pm. Lowell had the nerve to ask me if I could change the rehearsal to Tuesday, I told him I have 6 other people coming for a rehearsal Monday and every things is set. I had already paid the deposit for Ultra Sound Studio Besides I have a vocal rehearsal on Tuesday. So we went back and forth texting each other about this issue and I told him that he could do the gig if he would come to vocal rehearsal and rehearse with the singers on Tuesday he agreed. This is my first time actually working with Lowell so I immediately contacted My original guitarist Larry Marsden as a backup whom I have know for many years, I know what your thinking why I didn’t call him first, well that’s a long story but to make a long story short The Wiggitone band I had released a Album entitled Commissioned To Glory, two years ago on TMG Records. When the deal was presented to be signed I was the only member of the band who would sign on with TMG Record and being that all the songs we’re composed by me the Album was released as a Single Artist Deal as Wiggitone Not Actually The Wiggitone Band. So all the financing has always been on me. and I’ve never really had steady band members for the Wiggitone Band. Last Year I began composing a new album entitled The Seventh Seal. I had met June on Zoosk and through June I met Penny. Because June had joined a Chorus Ensemble at the Moma I want to sing foundation a play house In New York. Back to Lowell and the Band at the Church. On Sunday I go to Soul Tabernacle Church and after we play the service, I asked Danny The Bass player and Jeff The Drummer will they be coming to Rehearsal at Ultra Sound Studio for My Wiggitone band project. Jeff assures me He’ll be there. Danny say’s to me, I thought we were changing it to Tuesday, I’m said to him I never told you that (Shady) so therefor Danny and Lowell must have discussed this by phone. I say’s to Danny rehearsal is tomorrow (Monday, March 21, 2016) Danny say’s well I can only stay for two hours, I replied Okay that’s fine. So Today is Monday I’m Leaving from work to go to a rehearsal where The Guitar Player Lowell is not showi