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Local Rank 12

The Warblers is now at local rank, 12, on Reverbnation! Please check us out! JDK, GLP4.

the warblers, back up in the ranks!

Pleased to announce that the warblers (anthology) is back up to #156 in the local ranks. We thank you for your support! Jdk. Glp4

Up to 178 in the charts, local!

I am pleased to announce that "the warblers" anthology is up to 178 on the local, reverbnation charts. We are also spinning on Jango, and through TuneCore distribution, Rdio, Spotify, and Deezer, to name a few. Hard copy CD's are available through Amazon on Demand! JDK, The Warblers, Green Lion Productions and Publication House

Up in the charts!

The (anthology) has just been bumped up to #45 in the local charts!

The Warblers Anthology & the single, Hermanubis and Shechina

Green Lion Productions and Publication House is pleased to release The Warblers Anthology and the single Hermanubis and Shechina, to 16 international digital distributers, including -- iTunes, Rdio, and Google Play. The album can be purchased by Amazon on Demand, for $9.99.

Happy New Year!

Sitting at 481... just wait! advertising campaign kicks in today Time shall tell, when the warblers hit #1! Thank the GLP... JDK.

psychedelic gothic punk!

The globe is in spin, as the disc rotates. Beware the next phase of the orb. psychedelic gothic punk returns... With a vengeance. Jdk. Glp. live to tell!

the rise to the top!

Just hit #514! Just wait for the ad blitz this week. Jdk. Glp.

Slow Rise to the Top

We have just risen to #570 of the charts -- stay tuned -- you will see The Warblers rise to #1.

welcome to the warblers

upcoming video launch... Wrestling for love.