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Quick sound check onYOUTUBE: http://youtu.be/FSP3UK056Jc

*For Japanese customers in Japan, It's available from OFFICE PALMA:OFFICE PALMA CD 購入フォーム: http://form1.fc2.com/form/?id=857239 ------------------------------------------------------------------ SHINOBU ITO   LIVE AT CANDY Recorded live on November 24, 2006 at CANDY Daikanyama, Tokyo

1. Almost Spring (Shinobu Ito) (Ascap) 9:40

2. For Us, My Dear (Shinobu Ito) (Ascap) 10:02

3. It Might As Well As Be Spring (R.Rodgers and lyrics by O.Hammerstein II) (Ascap) 13:17    4. Brisa De Amor (Shinobu Ito) (Ascap) 9:22   5. Ramonada (Shinobu Ito) (Ascap) 8:00

6. Beautiful Love ( W.King, V.Young and E.Alstyne with lyrics by H.Gillespie) (Ascap)9:12

7. But Beautiful (J.Van Heusen, the lyrics by J.Burke) (Ascap) 7:04

8. Monday Night Special (Shinobu Ito) (Ascap) 8:21

Total Time: 75:35


Shinobu Ito plays Gibson L5 custom 1943 Taiki Imaizumi: Acoustic Piano Ryuichi Yamamura: Acoustic Bass Masashi Tomikawa: Drums Sonko Ueno:Vocal (Guest)

CDS-1201 (P) 2012 Costa del Sol