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Zane Urquhart / Blog

Another day

Finished a new song that is totally sad and beautiful, and yet slightly inspirational called "Meant to be". As far as music goes, I'm bangin', but I'm still struggling on how to get someone important's ear to listen to the ambition and determination of what I'm trying to do.

Every day I see celebrities on my newsfeed who don't appreciate the gift and power that they have been given, and instead make it all about themselves and not putting out a positive message. Beyond frustrating.

But I'm here and here to stay. Everyone said it would be tough. It's time to get tough with it.


Workin' it out

Been making some new music this month and producing for a couple artists. Really had my hands full trying to get the music video for "Girlfriend" up and running. I haven't put it up yet, but there is a new version of it which is what I will be using from here on out that is clean and no cussing. I realized that what I really need to be doing is branding myself and understanding what my image is. The problem with a lot of artists is that they are making whatever they feel like, namely me, and not really thinking what their image is going to be changing into and moreover, what they truly represent. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I finally figured out what I am all about and what my message is. Love, Passion, and everything Soulful. No need to be throwing curse words around, which I know I do way to much in my day-to-day speech as well. Much love to all those who listen and stayed tuned for more goodness from your boy Nominee!

Cheers, Zane "Nominee" Urquhart

Back on Track

Been a little out of sorts the past couple of months. Financial issues and whatnot. now all that is squared away and I'm gearing back up!!!!!! Got a show October 18th at 8PM at the Good Hurt Nightclub in Venica, making new music with Storm, Lejon, and myself, and trying to find out better ways to promote myself. On we go....

Gearing up for Sony/Interscope Showcase

June was the shit. I turned 25, got JT/Jay-z tickets for my birthday (lovely girlfriend that she is) and made aroun 4 songs to add to my new project, "I AM Gemini" due to come out in the Fall. I'm trying to make this one a commercial album that will be available on itunes for 5 dollars or so.

I was able to mash together 3 songs in an 8 minute set for the reps from these big record labels, and on top of that I get to OPEN THE SHOW!!! Not only does that mean that my people who sleep early can come, but I will be the first artist the reps hear, and hopefully the one that they will remember!

June was a really big R&B month with myself coming to the conclusion that I am an R&B artist through and through. I will still be rapping and you will hear rap on the album, but I figure if I can sing the rap instead of just rapping it, why wouldn't I try and set myself apart from the rest? Blah Blah Blah it's all talk now since I'm still unsigned, but I fell back in love with the soul that is Rhythm and Blues.

Can't sleep before shows

man I really can't either. Laid down and had my almost nap screwed over by the icecream truck guy who played his freaking song for 25 MINUTES!!!! Regardless, I am very excited for my show at "on the rox" above the Roxy.

April was a big month for me. I went to ASCAP's I create Music expo and was a finalist for the Iproducer's Hip-Hop Producer showcase. I totally bombed, but it was a great experience and I realize that sometimes speakers can ruin everything. I also got on a feed back panel with a bunch of Directors of A&R from big labels like Columbia, Universal, and Sony. I feel like I got my self-validation as well as that of my peers at the expo so I'm off to a reinvigorated path towards a sustainable music career. One more down, another couple hundred to go!

Cheers, Nominee

Pre show

Hey gang,

Tweaking some backup tracks for the show April 27th. This set is going to be dance-packed so prepare for a little different sound on the next album. Moving locations for the studio from hollywood to culver city. Cheaper, more quiet, and best of all, not my actual bedroom.

Couple days before SHOWTIME!

Hey guys,

Finished a couple songs yesterday. I promise I will have some new material posted. I'm actually releasing a single titled, "Just Tonight" that goes House and Trap heavy at different parts so it's a lil hood and a lil white girl wasted. If you catch my drift.

Sittin in the studio

What's up gang,

I finished the cover vocals for Usher's, "Lil Freak" today in the booth. Going to be opening my show with it on the 11th at Molly Malone's. Sometimes it's hard to finish a project, because new ones spring up everyday at you and your brain goes, "Hey I like a fresh idea let's do THAT".

Putting together the next album, which will be coming out hopefully in May, is going well. I have rough cuts of about 5 songs that will be on the project and have some of the best tracks being written currently. I appreciate everything you guys do by listening to the music and coming to the shows. Keep spreading the word! Thanks again!

With Love, Nominee

Crazy beginnings

this is my first blog entry since Xenga. or however you spell it.