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Success at Six Flags!

Our performances at Six Flags were fantastic! We are grateful to all of our fans that attended. We also look forward to getting to know our newest fans! Our street team came and passed our the "fan tags" that they had made. It was a fun filled day of great music and crazy rides!

Jenna Rupich
Jenna Rupich  (over 5 years ago)

But yall missed me, right? I know you did. AGH Im so mad I couldn't go!!!!!

iTunes Release Date!

We are very happy to announce that we have been given a digital distribution release date! Three of our songs are going to be available for purchase on iTunes (and over 700 world-wide digital distributors) on September 7th! Soul Colours, Train and Lonely. We thank everyone that has supported us including all of our fans!

Six Flags "Live and Local" September 8th, 2012

We have been invited back to Six Flags to perform September 8th! We are so grateful for this wonderful opportunity and we are grateful for the support of our street team and our fans. Six Flags if a fantastic place to perform!

Six Flags "Live and Local, August 18th Performance

We are so grateful to our dedicated fans who came to see us perform. The temperature was perfect and the rain didn't start until the show was over and we had loaded the last piece of equipment! Thanks to all of our fans came to see the show and thanks to our street team who supported our merchandise sales!