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Super stoked!

We are super stoked for our upcoming gigs. We have had the pleasure of playing with so many great bands of many genre's from Steam Punk Abney Park to Irish Punk The Mahones. B.C favorites The Town Pants & The Paper Boys. and many Great Local Bands: Big Wheel Stunt Show, Fucking Eagles, The Fun Police, Nolan Garret, Jip Sea Party, Mahn Hammer. And our California Favorites The Dread Crew of Oddwood, Hoist the Colors, and American Fiddle Rockers Lexington Field. One of the best parts of being a gigging band is playing with so many other bands. We are excited to add The Young Dubliners to that list. a band who has influenced us greatly with thier rocking versons of tradition Irish tunes. Oct 27 at The Tractor Tavern in Seattle we will share the stage with one of the biggest touring Irish rock bands. Pretty cool! :)

Super sweet

Thanks to you all who came out to that crazy event last night! It's was an amazing show. Our shows just seem to be getting bigger and bigger. More and more people coming out and we are meeting so many new fans everytime we play. We are very excited and very thankful.

Why do we have so much energy?

Because We Are Bog Hoppers. What did you expect?