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Just Moved

Just moved to Louisville to try to get my shit out there, please help me guys, it's not for the money, it's not for the fame, it's for the music.


I just uploaded a BUNCH of new songs! Check 'em out and get me back into the top 10!

We Have Some Catching Up to Do

I haven't posted anything on here in the past couple of months due to a few reasons: I was going through and changing so many things that uploading a new version every time I did was unreasonable and a daunting task so I've decided to wait until I can't think of anything to change to upload a song on here. There is also a limitation to the length of a song I can put on here which makes half of my works unable to be heard on Reverbnation so I've switched to Sound Cloud because i can upload the highest bitrate files and still be able to put full songs on there. I will add the latest of what I can on here for you guys to listen to; for the rest of the stuff go to sound cloud and search me!


I have most of the "Festum de Horrenda" album up on soundcloud since I have a limit to what I can upload on here, listen to the original sound files and almost full length album by searching for me on Soundcloud! Thanks guys :)

You guys wanna hear some baller shit?

Haha that's right you heard me, Today I went back into the studio and had a revelation spent the night dwelling upon it and have been working on this for the last hour. Welcome Home, check it out, let it dwell into the deepest crevices of your mind and haunt you. Keep your ears open for newer versions in the next couple of weeks! Thanks for listening, you guys are baller!

Delays in Writing

I'm sorry for the delay in any pieces I may or may not have been working on that haven't been uploaded yet. I also have a Black Thrash Metal band along side of this that I'm bouncing back and forth between depending on how I feel for that day. I've been working on a piece called,"Welcome Home" I'll be uploading it some time this week, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as you did "Slow Motion". Keep it real guys, don't let people stand in your way to achieving greatness. I've been letting people step in my way all these years and I've come to realize when to just push on. Thank you all for being my fans you honestly have no idea how much it means to me, and no matter how I explain it, it wouldn't make sense. I love you guys, and thank you so much!

I blame Reverbnation

I blame reverbnation for only allowing me to post songs under 8MB the latest mixing of Mephisto is 22.6MB which will convert to like 8.4MB at the smallest, I'm going to keep trying to get it a smaller size so you guys can at least hear it but I still blame Reverbnation for not allowing me to post greater and more epic shit for free! I shouldn't have to pay to spread this stuff, you should all be able to hear it all as intended for free!

Shout out

This is to all the people who told me to give up on this and that I was a low-life piece of shit that would amount to nothing. I'm fighting to spread my words like a social cancer and I will be the next plague to wipe across this earth.

Broken the Top 10

Thank you guys so much for uplifting my spirits and my music to the Top 10 in the Charts! You guys have no idea the excitement in my heart!!!! :)


Here is the ideas I was throwing around this evening, very repetitive and long but it's an idea to spark another idea to spark another idea to spark another idea, if you get what I mean hahaha enjoy guys!