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Stars Dancing in the night

The little red Ember that light the Fire my music rises up with the smoke and flames. out of the fire my music is here for you Dancing around the fire the light slippe into the night stars fall in the sky, my Heart keep the beat as the shadow Dance my Harmonica in one Hand my Guitar in the other Hand as the drums play , the light of life is Bright while we dance around the fire at night. all copyright our - MONEY DIAMONDS LIMOUSINES LARRY SHUFFLE

City Of The SUN

Goddess of Fire as you walk down the Hall of lights walking apond Oceans waters watching the Red Sand , Floating down the Nile's green Fertile valley's smoking the pipe I hand it to you - you give me a Smile - City Of The SUN - . Breath of life in the cool moring standing straight to reach the Sky , I stand apond the Wall of Fire Heliopolis city of the Sun where Fire gives Eteral life the Goddess of Fire has her Party alnight - We walk through the Garden of lives a little Bell Tied to your Toe - Song of vocies Singing in the air the Black Cat Shadow standing there . Goddess of Fire I stand in the Nile waters Fertile valleys Sand where theres no life Phoenix stands up out of the Fire We stand in the City Of The SUN Heliopolis - Goddess of Fire looking out over the Walls of FIRE The Goddess of Fire HER party goes Alnight Long - Written by MONEY DIAMONDS LIMOUSINES LARRY SHUFFLE

Last night

Last night my Mojo in my pocket I was standing in the middle of the night with a full Moon over the Top of my Head with my Guitar Slide in my Hand walking down the Road looked like a shadow off a man the moon light shinged on my Harmonica the midnight air moves across my Face Guitar in my Hand the Raven was playing the Drums Night time closed in around Me - written by LARRY SHUFFLE MONEY DIAMONDS LIMOUSINES

Tiger lilly

Guitar player playing his electric guitar on the street corner. Angles standing there watching Tiger lilly Walking down the street the Devil playing the tambourine jesus smoking a cigarette. The dice game going down eve rolling the Dice snake eyes judas puts the money down he rolls the dice he rolls 7 judas hollers i'm going to make it to Heaven , the devil just smiling playing the tambourine Tiger lilly dancing and singing taking a drink. Guitar player playing his electric guitar larry shuffle playing his Harmonica on the street corner dancing Tiger lilly takes a drink of wine passes it to jesus, jesus holler's out the party is on Angles singing the devil playing the tambourine just smiling Robert Johnson playing his guitar the devil grabbing his arm Tiger lilly gives the devil a kiss, heaven is in your mind life is a street corner jesus hollers the party is on muddy playing his electric guitar on the street corner life dancing on Angles playing there Harmonicas Tiger lilly hands jesus a joint the Party is on . MONEY DIAMONDS LIMOUSINES LARRY SHUFFLE