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Thou, Ill Mace Horn ! remix contest

- engish below - Concours de Remix Thou, Ill Mace Horn ! téléchargez les pistes du titre "Rise of the Homunculus" et réalisez votre remix. Les 3 meilleurs seront postés en ligne et feront partie d'un EP éponyme. Le plus écouté en ligne recevra un Boxset complet ainsi que le EP "Rise of the Homunculus", les 2e et 3e recevront les EP's "Hermès Unveiled" et "Rise of the Homunculus".

Thou, Ill Mace Horn ! Remis contest ! download "Rise of the Homunculus" tracks and remix the song. Best 3 will be posted online and join the self-titled EP. The most online played remix will win a complete Boxsert as well as the "Rise of the Homunculus" EP, 2nd and 3rd win "Hermès Unveiled" and "Rise of the Homunculus" EP's

tracks can be downloaded here : http://www.charliehoulmont.com/images/blog/rise_of_the_homunculus_tracks.rar

Contact/Order : How to proceed?

All albums and singles are for sale! To order my stuff, send me an email at : charliehoulmont@gmail.com with your order and personal infos. Payments are secure via Paypal.

ITEMS PRICES : - Demo Songs LP - 10 $/€ - Stones and Feathers LP - 15 $/€ - Feathers EP - 8 $/€ - Soulmates & Addiction - 17 $/€

Welcome to this brand new Thou, Ill Mace Horn ! page!

I will try to upload regularly the newest songs i got, but you have here some stuff to spend time with! All critics, good as bad, are warmly welcome...