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17th Annual MMC

Well finally a bit of good news we are definitely playing the MMC in Harrisburg we have our spot its Friday Night at the Playhouse across from the convention center at 7:45pm Yay hope to see lots of people if not thanks all for your support and I'll try to get vids.

A New Song in the making

Well folks we all really should listen to our lyrical muses from time to time she just handed me a great song.

Caught Up in Chains V1. We're all so lost in this world No one sees just what were feeling This whole life's come undone. And now I don't know what cards I'm dealing

V2. Oh, We're so afraid Of living our dreams and facing tomorrow Only if we can be saved Is there even a hope I can borrow

(Chorus 1) We're caught up chains Held so tight and in so much pain We can't ever change How can we break from the insane

V3 This is our life This is all of our troubles They cut like a knife and the pain continues to double

(Chorus 1)

V4 We're so alone Nothing left to call our own We're falling apart. And we can't even start

V5 To pick up the pieces Living our lies and our deceptions There nothing to lose We are trapped In our obsessions.

(Chorus 2) We're caught up in chains A prison of our own making There's no escape, From the lives we're undertaking

(Repeat Chorus2 twice to end)

The Truth is Out there

Well it's quite obvious that the album release didn't go over as planned due to the amount of false promises and lack of support we received from people who said they would be there. The only thing I gotta say is I know the music industry is a cutthroat business and that includes everyone from the performers to the execs. Bottom line folks if you can't show your support for each other especially on the local scene as musicians particularly band for band don't think that you're gonna last in the business because you're not. I have tried my best to be at the shows of the other of my colleagues supporting them playing at various venues, even by showing up sick as a dog. But I don't really mind too much because obviously I shouldn't expect the same courtesy people are people after all. I wish all my colleagues in the industry the best of success and luck on their own ventures and venues and will be continuing to play mine and secure my music career and dreams equally as hard as I ever do. But to those who don't make it and those that eventually collapse one thing to say to you all When you see my name on the billboards, the top 20 etc, Grammy's or otherwise ask yourself this how did he get there. One answer. HE PERSEVERED.

Celtic Dreams Is Proud to announce

This afternoon at 1:pm est We finally did it we are releasing not one but two full length CD's of our bands original hits at Joe Nardone's Gallery of Sound Mundy Street Wilkes-Barre Pa. Both CD's are available here on our reverb page for purchase as well. At the live performance we will also be showcasing two additional songs from our next upcoming album so if you like what you hear folks keep coming back it's gonna keep getting better. Best of all anyone who purchases these first two albums with a proof of purchase will be able to purchase the next album we release at 10% below the cost of the album. So if you become a fan and want more from us there's more incentive.


Celtic Dreams will be releasing it's first two CD's at Joe Nardone's Gallery of Sound, Mundy St. Wilkes-Barre, PA. On October 27th, 2012. Featured at this event will be the following:

1. Music provided by Astorian Stigmata, Zeppo, and of course Celtic Dreams.

2. Refreshments served after the performance at Kirby Park Wilkes-Barre Pa. Probably Going to be Picnic Style. Of course with Music and fun.

3. CD's will be given to Joe Nardone's Gallery for distribution. Additional products may be available for purchase.

4. The Two CD's which will be demonstrated and also for sale and distribution will be A. Inside Out - which is a compilation of 15 of our combination love songs and introspective songs. mixed with a little social commentary B. In Our Hands - which is a compilation of 16 of our Political and social commentary songs. (*NOTE* All the music on these albums are originals by Celtic Dreams some may contain profanity.) Time will be announced.

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This is the blogspot for the band Celtic Dreams. We play various shows with a wide variety of different music genre's mostly original works by the members of the band.