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Our new album is out now on iTunes, Rapsody, and most digital retailers

Our new album "Gimmick Free" is out now on iTunes, Rapsody, and most digital retailers. It features Wordsworth, King Mez, Donnie Vash, Seven, and Rudolph Lyrics. Here's the link for the album on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/gimmick-free/id383580649

The new live show.

So a few months ago we started practicing live instruments to incorporate into the show. Ignite Mindz on the keyboard and Imagery on drums. Imagery rhymes and sings while playing. Ignite Mindz sings about as well as a Jonas brother, so he just raps while playing keyboard or bass guitar. We have a lot of classic covers where we sing their hook but use our own verses. Changes by 2pac, Feelin It by Jay Z, Dead Presidents by Jay, I aint Mad Atcha by 2pac, Still Not a player by Big Pun, Doo Rags by Nas, Just a Friend by Biz Markie, Thiefs Them by Nas, Rappers Delight. I could keep going actually. But we will still rock to our DJ playing our original beats. Not gonna be all covers at all.