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Hi All! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful Fall. I have begun recording songs for my album. It's based on my life experiences, mainly the past ten years. I will be migrating this Reverb site to Toronto as this is where I will be based for a while. Words can never express how I wished my work was ready for everyone to here several years ago but life takes us on surprise turns. Much of what has been written has been inside a hospital waiting for my best friend and manager to recover from illness, my husband. I'm happy to say he is much better and we are hard at work now! Most of the writing is inspired by how we all can persevere and succeed even in our most troubled times. I have kept the dream going and I know the finished product will be worth the wait. Much Love...Jennie

A few of my favorite things...

Hi everyone! I was thinking the other day how does one explain what influences their sound and their unique artistry.What shapes and envelops that unique feel?

For me, trying different things is the thang to do. I learned long time back, Identity is never based on our occupation. But our likes and opinions of them help a lot in our attitudes and our final sound. I would like to share some of the occupations I have had for example. Baby model, jewelry sales, Junior High private Teacher, Telephone sales, Truck driver's wife, Hay loader, Blogger, Singer/Artist.

Which was the most fun? The least glamorous one!!! Being outside in the hay, all day long, getting hay onto the drop deck and securing it to get to a farm. I just felt blessed not to have to be in a big ole dirty city in a boring office plus having all that green space to work in. There, music starts popping into your brain. It's like pure country inspiration waiting there.The country is the best thing for the soul. It never lets you down! Some of my best music rehearsal was done singing out there at the top of my lungs. I guess what I am trying to say is I am a down to earth person, and I need to be outdoors. When you are an artist long enough, you know what suits you, the places that really help you prosper. For some people, all they need is a tent for music practice! Happy Thanksgiving! Helen Darlin


Hello Reverb Family I wanted to post an update to what is new. I have been working on really great material and attempted to share it since Spring however footage quality was not working out. I finally got it right and will be posting new material. I also have been working hard with Mighty Music Group with some new ideas. Hard work pays off! Again sorry for not posting in a long time and hopefully I will make up for it! Hugs to you Helen Darlin

Anything Country-Inspired Music, Post Me!

So far ReverbNation is an immense tool for what I am seeking in publicity. Thank you to everyone who has checked out what I have worked on! Now is the part where I am going to look for writers who like my sound and trust that I can sing great material. If you think songs that are bluesgrass-inspired or even folk can work here, PLEASE GIVE ME a listen!!! When people ask manager what I sing, he tells them " She Can Sing Anything, Elvis all the way to Mariah Carey" I am going to be working on making my sound so unique, really souful and inspiring...Thank you in advance...For enjoying this music. HelenDarlin!