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Happy End of the World

Subliminal Noize, known for his filthy and mind warping sound has released "Happy End of the World" that features 3 new tracks and amazing remixes from Cold Therapy ,Restore X, Ethan Fawkes, Somaa, A.F.C and Hullabaloop.

For those who dont know who Subliminal Noize is, i'm adding that he is a dutch EDM producer , and describes his music as "unique sound of heavy baselines, dirty synths and massive drops ... as One transformer T-Rex killing another transformer T-Rex with dubstep cannons"

Distorting and often eliminating harmony and melody from his music, disrupting and dislocating lyrics, Subliminal Noize has successfully morphed from the noizy boy outside the nightclub to the boy who’s gone back in, found a space and danced like he’s wired up to Guantanamo.

Happy End of the World begins with some familiar ingredients - Prophecy (intro) has a clear reference to The Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden,1983)

With bass like storm clouds, What's my name? , takes you on an somewhat electronic raggae style introductions and then drops you flat on your face with insanely heavy dubstep. Happy End of the World remixed by Hollabaloop starts with a fantastic house like intro before switching into mind jolting breaks and wobbles while Cold Therapy brings Genetic Armageddon Takeover System in an agressive tactical beats layering.

Addictive Fuzz Conspiration , with "White Trash" brings a breeze of uplifting energetic synths and brewing up the dubstep style , while Somaa creates a crazy rithmic d&b beat in his remix of Happy End of the World.

Little persian girl , initially a cinematic track, is transformed by Ethan Fawkes in a heavy industrial EBM sound which is completed by the vocal pitches as the melody takes off.

The last remix on the album, Restore X 's work on Genetic Armageddon Takeover System breaks its mechanicalness, transcends “the grid” (what many musicians consider what a software sequencer looks like) into a emotional landscape, a landscape of behavior, beat, and seismic bass.

Helio is wonderfully simple and elegant in both its delivery and production, with lush pulsating bass, heavy percussion, crisp snare and dreamy ambient synths.

Portishead 's "Roads" covered by Subliminal Noize represents a struck of musical genius,featuring a sci-fi electric feel to the track, enveloped in sorrowful elegant strings and massive bass lines that trembles with pain chasing the chords.

Happy End of the World wants to create political,spiritual and emotional awarenes, in the frame of a doomsday scenario(12-12-12).It's refreshing to hear an album with such diversity (in all senses of the word), whilst still retaining a real electronic authenticity.

Guts, glory, passion and stories.

Happy End of the World has them all in spades.

Dance 4 Syria Project News

When i decided make the dance 4 Syria thing happen, i needed a track to use for promotion, so i made one, gave it a video, and started posting this track and started this all. This is about 3 weeks ago, and look where we are now.

Dance 4 Syria already has got 8 more then generous Sponsors

Soul Via Sound http://www.soulviasound.com/ OhmForce https://www.ohmforce.com/HomePage.do D16 Group http://d16.pl/index.php?menu=241 Camel Audio http://www.camelaudio.com Sugar Bytes http://www.sugar-bytes.de/ Best service http://www.bestservice.de/ Softube http://www.softube.com Twisted Tools http://twistedtools.com/

Several Artsist Already Joined Dance 4 Syria, and that is why i decided to give this track away to you ... the fans, as a freebie, do whatever you want with it, play it in clubs, put it on your walkman, bitch about it, it doesnt matter, as long as you talk about Dance 4 Syria ... becouse those people really need some help

You can download the track here (or pay a little amount as a donation to dance 4 Syria)


Dance 4 Syria Project

Hi, i welcome you on the first blog about Dance 4 Syria, and all things surrounding this event...

A couple of weeks ago i was surfing on youtube and i saw the documentary "Ground Zero Syria" from Vice media, the images shocked me, and i decided i wanted to do something against the violence torwards the innocent, and so Dance 4 Syria was born.

Since i had no real backing, especially financially .. i think we still are doing an amazing job, that can only get more amazing with your (the fans, friend supportes, & family's) help. Thats why we initiated this page on Sell a Band.


We hope by doing this we get a funding for the printing & Mastering of a physical disc (in a normal & special edition) & to buy us some merchandise to give away and sell.

Digitally this release is definatly gonna be released on iTunes, Spotify and the whole shabang of other digital resellers

But i am convinced that this release is gonna happen togheter with your help, we can make this happen, we can make things go big, and hopefully explode so we raise a whole lot of money to help especially the hospital of the doctor in the vice video ... that man is such a hero in my eyes.


So now i will leave you with the question ... Do you care?

Do you care enough to help with this project?? Are you interested enough to invest in this fund raising plan ... out of the bottom of my heart ... i hope you are

Because if the whole world would unite against the violence ... it would be such a better place ... lets start making that happen right now

Also sprach subliminalnoize

Typing a blog on the IPad, while relaxing in the kitchen, after spending the whole Saturday on a former graveyard for a (death) metal festival ... Called into the grave. Anyway ... I'm thinking about starting a project with some other collaborators over the world, I would like to tell more, but anyway ... If you feel up for a musical collaboration, give me a message here, and for now I really got to say that.. I don't really like to type on the iPad, so more to come next time ... Greetz Marc