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What are YOU Grateful For? And Other Cool November News!

Hi there Friends andFans! Well another winter is upon us, and there is so much to be THANKFUL FOR!!! So here's my list of things I'm indeed thankful for (in no particular order)...

First of all, Larry and I just wrapped up a wonderfully fun & absolutely amazing Tour to Europe that included many fantastic stops in 6 countries!! and some Cruising, some performances, a lot of food, new friends, and some much needed R & R, combined with a bit of an Album Promo Tour. And, I also just found out the great news today that all of this hard work and PR is paying off: I'm now #7 on the Euro Indie Music Chart for my single "Dream of You"!!

I'm also in the TOP 200 of one of the Major Radio & Billboard reporting Charts, the US Digital Radio Tracking Chart! Yes, right behind Garth Brooks, which isn't too shabby-since I've always loved Garth and admire his music so much!!!

Secondly, I'm so thankful that I got to spend some quality time with a lot of my family I haven't seen for awhile, for Thanksgiving! This includes my sister, Actress Missi Pyle from Los Angeles (and her 14 month old Adorable baby Zooey!), my Pianista & Musician extraordinaire sister from North Carolina- Julie, my little brother (and also Amazing Piano Maestro!) Gordon- from Austin, my Extraordinary brother Sam and his family, and my step kids David & Devon, and their Beautiful 6-week old baby, Mary Jane! Also an update on my Daddy Frank: he now has advanced Altzheimers, but we were very blessed to spend Thanksgiving and yesterday with him and stepmom Lynn almost the whole afternoon, and he seemed happy, healthy, "with it" and seemed to know us! :)

Thirdly, I'm incredibly thankful for my amazing husband Larry, who has been my rock, my inspiration, and my major supporter of me and my music "ministry" for 5+ years now! I'm so thankful for all of the blessings Larry has given me as I've pursued what I believe to be a God-given calling to write timeless, memorable and positive music. I write music for folks who may need to hear a word of encouragement, truth, love and hope, and may need to know that someone out there relates to how they're feeling and what they're going through- yes, me--and God that is!

I'm also extremely grateful to God my Heavenly Father, and Lord Jesus Christ for giving me this awesome (and yes I'll admit, sometimes scary!) gift and responsibility, for it isn't me who is the "author" of these songs. I firmly believe they are sent to me from Heaven, and that I was called to share these songs with others to make LIFE BETTER for those who may need to hear them here on earth!

I'm also so happy to announce that I'm either a Semi-FINALIST, a FINALIST or WINNER for the following: 2016 UK Songwriting Contest, 2016 Dallas Songwriters Contest, The International Songwriting Contest, Music IN Radio Contest (and too many others to mention!) at this time, all by the Grace of God!

Lastly, I'm very thankful to YOU my Friends, Supporters, Stations playing my music, & MY Amazing FANS! For without you and your love, encouragement, purchases, kindness, comments, music plays, friendship, LIKES, FOLLOWS, SHARES and support, I would not be able to continue to write and produce music. You see this is a very hard business to be a positive light in a dark world right now. So I really appreciate your continued prayers, support and all you do to lift my days!

Upcoming EVENTS/Shows: NOW all are on my Website & Reverbnation.com/DeDeWedekind, but a few highlights are: 1. Filming a Holiday Special in Atlanta on WATC-TV, Christian TV, on Tues. Nov. 29th, show times TBA! 2. Dallas Songwriters Contest 2016 Finalists Show! Dec. 13, 2016 Times and location in Dallas TBA! 3. Holiday Show at the Rock Boquete, Panama Dec. 7th, 6-9pm, and other location/dates TBA! 3. ABC-TV Indiana on Dec. 14th!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season! Much love and Many BLESSINGS to YOU and Your Family! DeDe Wedekind DeDeWedekind.com Facebook.com/DeDeWedekind Youtube.com/1DWedekin

Artist DeDe LIVE on 2 Nationally Syndicated Radio & TV Shows Today OCT. 31!

Monday Oct. 31, Memphis TN & Nashville TN: LIVE TV & RADIO TOUR for DeDe Wedekind!

Singer-Songwriter DeDe Wedekind to appear LIVE on 2 Nationally Syndicated & Highly Rated Radio & TV Shows Today 10/31- Halloween!

Show #1: Memphis LIVE TV: 9am Central- DeDe LIVE on WREG TV Memphis' LIVE @ 9 Morning Show! Watch LIVE here: http://wreg.com/category/on-air/live-at-9/ More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/328346954195912/

Show #2: National LIVE Radio: 4:30pm Central- DeDe LIVE on WSM Radio AM 650's "NASHVILLE TODAY" Show- The #1 Country #Music Show in the US! Listen Live: http://wsmonline.com/shows/nashvilletoday/ More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1753765664888483/

DeDe's latest hit single, "America United" has been making a big splash all over the US during this pivotal Election Season! Check out DeDe's all new WEBSITE and #America United LYRIC VIDEO here: www.DeDeWedekind.com

Says DeDe, "Thanks so much for your support of me and my music, I love and appreciate all my fans & friends, and am overwhelmed at your support, kindness, purchases, & encouragement. God Bless America, & God bless you and your families all over the world!"

America United Lyrics:

"Unite us, don't divide us, because united we all stand, We're different, but all the same, in this great blessed land... Unite us, don't divide us, give us thankful hearts again, And bring us all together now, and choose to take a stand!

America, America, United we all stand, Let's make America great again, Together hand in hand, America, America, United safe and strong, Give us peace and prosperity, Let freedom be our song."

http://www.Facebook.com/DeDeWedekind http://www.youtube.com/1Dwedekind http://twitter.com/DeDeWMusic

FEATURED SHOW: DeDe on WSM Radio #Nashville-LIVE! Nashville, TN: LIVE! Monday, October 31 @4:30pmGet Show Details

SHOWS: -Memphis TN: LIVE! Monday, October 31 @ 9:00am DeDe Live at 9 on CBS WREG TV Memphis Morning Show! Memphis, TN Get Show Details -Houston, TX DeDe LIVE on Larry Stephenson Radio Show "The Bearded Black Cowboy" Conservative Talk Radio Show: Listen here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/larrystevensonshow -Panama: -Thursday, December 7 @ 6:00pm Holiday Show@ The Rock Restaurant, Boquete, CHIRI, PA Get the Details -Thursday, December 29 @ 6:00pm DeDe & Larrys Holiday Show @ The ROCK Restaurant! Boquete, CHIRI, PA Get the Details

PRESS: "Just like an adept sculptor...bring(s) new friends out of a mass of stone, Wedekind can cause new and amicable characters to emerge out of well-worn songs we take for granted. When it comes to song interpretation, Wedekind is without peer. A song when placed in her care...can bloom with a new life of its own." — Timothy Yap, Breathecast.com, Dec 7, 2013

How'd You Like to Help Unite America Again?

Hello Dear Fans & Friends, Around this time, every year I ask myself, where'd the summer go? Although it's still hot in Houston, out here in LA, it's getting to be fall all the way! Having fun out here working on some media, videos, radio, and social media updates with some folks and friends, & visiting friends and family. Lots of cool fall stuff going on...Can't wait to see my little cutie soon, my gorgeous LA niece, Zooey Rose, is 1 year old next week! Been working with a Nashville Publicity firm to get my updated "America United" New 2016 version- out there to as many stations, news media outlets, shows and folks in the US as possible. The story behind this song is that now more than ever, we all need to be united again in the US, and "work together hand in hand" to continue to "make America safe and strong" and "make America Great"! You can read all about it *(and share!) this exciting & informative Critical Blast article HERE (with LISTEN link)! It wasn't written for a specific party or platform, but really just to help us stop infighting, bickering, and finger- pointing and work hard together to become a better, stronger and greater nation once again!

The International Music and Entertainment Assn. Awards is coming up October 8, in Nashville. Of course you are all invited to attend! Click for info and to please VOTE for me for categories: #1 Artist of the Year, & #2 Album of the Year. Feel free to vote for all my friends too: Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising, Barren Runes, Tamika Dunning, Matthew H, Nate Currin, Shantal O, and the list goes on and on...Voting goes until Sept. 20th & one email required per vote! Sharing with friends & family is much appreciated, and thanks so much!

Upcoming Shows: House of Blue Los Angeles Oct. 14, 2016! Time TBA The Rock Restaurant Boquete, PA: Sept. 80's Show! Time and Date TBA Posting all my shows & songs here: http://www.Reverbnation.com/DeDe

All the BEST MUSIC to you and God Bless America!

DeDe WeDeKind www.DeDeWeDeKind.com Twitter.com/DeDeWMusic Facebook.com/DeDeWeDeKind Youtube.com/1DWedekind

FEATURED ALBUM New! Dream of You MP3 Now Available HERE!

My New Singles & TRACKS! America United NEW! Dream of You by DeDe Sell Me Out Stronger My Unsung Hero

Hot Hot Hot August News, New Songs and Videos/Shows!

Hi There! Well, doggone it, we're back in Hot Houston again, after a fun family time in sunny Orlando & Destin Florida, and yes, it's raining here...again! Can't complain, because while we were busy in Florida, Houston was busy having one of the hottest summers on record! (And, yes, it was hot & rainy in Florida too, so don't even think about getting jealous!) We had a great time there, and I wanted to share a few pics with you: Some good news: I'm very happy & extremely thankful to be nominated for the 2016 IMEA AWARDS again this year (Yay!) Please VOTE for me in Category #1 Artist of the Year, & #2 Album of the Year (Dream of You) here: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2969559/2016-IMEA-Awards-Fan-Voting-Music. Each vote counts once per email. So please share if you can, ok? I really appreciate your help!!!

There are a few new Romantic Lyric Videos just posted on YouTube made by my friend & Houston StreetTeam Leader, Conny G! Check out my latest one Here: Today I'll Marry My Friend BTW- If you're interested in being a StreetTeam Fan Leader in your city, just shoot me a reply email. You get lots of extras like backstage invites, free music, meet and greets, etc. and you help me in your city with contacts, planning shows, and with some fun local events! (For example, Conny was at Centerfield with me at the Dynamo game 2 weeks ago where I performed the National Anthem!)

Lastly, we just finished my newer version of my song America United. In the new & improved version, I made some extensive re-writes, along with some much improved production which just occurred in Nashville in July. This song was originally written in 2012 to help unite America. My new version also includes some lyrics to not only re-unite all Americans (which is needed now more than ever), but it also encourages us to return to our Constitutional & Godly moral & ethical roots, in order to be a stronger, safer and better nation as we "unite together hand in hand"! Hear my new version HERE, and get a FREE Download as a special "Thank You" just for being my email fan!

All the best to you, as you and your families enjoy the rest of your summer, and God Bless America! DeDe Wedekind :) www.DeDeWedekind.com Facebook.com/DeDeWedekind Twitter: @DeDeWMusic YouTube: Youtube.com/1DWedekind Upcoming Shows Thursday, August 25 NEW ORLEANS HOUSE OF BLUES: DEDE LIVE! • New Orleans, TN • 9:00am Friday, August 26 DEDE & THE DAYDREAMS PERFORM LIVE • New Orleans, LA • 8:30am

Sunday, September 11 SOLANO STREET STROLL FESTIVAL! • Berkeley, CA • 10:00am

You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Unbelievable & TRUE Wedding Band Story!!! (Or Could This Be the Wedding from Hell?)

This is a crazy, yet TRUE #story!

So yesterday afternoon, my Band and I were booked to play at this wedding that was way out in the country pretty far north of Houston. There was like a 95% chance of rain and it was really really hot. We left a little late, and so we took this back road that we found out later was sort of "closed". We were in our Hummer with all the band equipment, gear and stuff, with our drummer following behind us in his SUV. So on this "closed" country road we came to a bridge that was "missing some of the road" that led up to and away from the actual bridge. The 3 of us got out and walked around to check it all out, and then proceeded to "build" a new road to this bridge using some old washed out concrete that we found on the side of the road from the last flood in Houston that had likely washed out the bridge. We eventually made it across this new bridge "road" and then FINALLY got to the country wedding in backwoods,Texas about 30 mins before we were supposed to start-around 5:30pm.

As soon as we arrived, we found out that all the power to the building and the entire property had been out since 1pm. Keep in mind that we were already extremely hot from "building our new bridge". So then we had to setup all our equipment in the dark. It was like 100% humidity and 95 degrees and we were all dressed up in our boots and show duds. And it was SO Very HOT! I felt really bad for the bride and groom, but they were amazing and so nice, very calm, cool and collected (well maybe NOT that cool!) We ended up doing an "acoustic show" outside with our only acoustic guitar, a bongo drum, and tambourine for the guests, with everyone singing along. It ended up pretty fun after all, but it was still like 90 degrees out. They went and got a small generator for us around 7:30, and then the power did eventually come back on around 8pm, but by that time, a lot of the guests had already left due to the heat and humidity.

After all that, we still ended up playing a 3.5 hour show to the remaining wedding party and guests who had "gritted it out"! And unbelievably, the show was amazing. And the bride and groom were amazing. And... MY BAND was absolutely amazing too! There are several morals I'm taking away from this story. The first one is: when one road "closes" another always opens! Another is, you NEVER know what you're going to have to face in life, so sometimes you may have to: 1. build a few bridges; 2. work hard and have a little patience; 3. trust that things will eventually work out; and 4. don't "sweat" the small stuff! -DeDe and the DayDreams Band :)

Please come to our Late, Late Show @ Bierraporetti's on Louisiana in Downtown Houston: DeDe, Jerry, Alan & Larry THIS Friday June 17th from 9:15-Midnight. We'll be so glad to see you there! Come for the great Italian food & drinks- stay for the fun & the LIVE music! -DeDe :) www.DeDeWedekind.com

DeDe Wedekind Wins Best Artist of the Year!

Houston-based singer/songwriter, DeDe Wedekind, with over 110,000 fans worldwide, was named the 2016 Best New Female ARTIST of the YEAR, at the 5th Annual Indie Music Channel (IMC) Awards, held at the Clive Davis Theater at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles in April.

The Indie Music Channel was founded by Emmy-winning actor, writer, musician & producer, Christopher Ewing, as a one-of-a-kind platform to help talented Independent Artists get much needed recognition, while playing their music on the IMC’s internationally acclaimed internet radio stations & website. Artists also receive unique worldwide exposure via The Indie Music Channel’s Website, FM & Internet Syndicated Radio Shows, the Indie CAFÉ TV Show, LIVE TV Show, & other IMC Shows & Tours. At the IMC Awards, DeDe was also honored with Best Americana Song, Best Americana Artist & Best Americana Recording for her original, “Dream of You”! These awards were based on the release of DeDe’s much-anticipated 4th album, Dream of You, in Feb. 2016. Also from this album, new Single “Stronger” already garnered Best Adult Contemporary Song of the Year-2015, at the 3rd Annual International Music and Entertainment (IMEA) Awards in Atlanta. In 2014, DeDe also won TWO separate IMEA ALBUM of the YEAR Awards, for Album #2: Love & Fairy Tales, and for Album #3: World of Christmas!

DeDe’s new album features her original single: “Love Lives On”, recorded with Multi-Platinum mega-hit Songwriter & Producer, Andrew Fromm. Andrew Fromm’s the songwriter for ‘NSync’s “Millenium” album, the Backstreet Boys, Marc Anthony & many others. Andrew is featured playing the piano on this new single from DeDe’s album.

DeDe’s been a repeat FINALIST in many global songwriting competitions: International Songwriting Contest, USA Songwriting Contest, Broadjam, UK Songwriting Contest, the 2014 Annual Dallas Songwriting Contest, and Song of the Year.com’s 2015 Songwriting Contest. DeDe’s music is: Country-Pop Americana, Inspiring Adult Contemporary, and Folk-Rock: Southern AMERICAN ROOTS Music.

Recently, Nashville’s Air9 started a Country, Americana, AC & Christian Radio campaign for 4 Singles from Dream of You: “My Unsung Hero”, “Prime of Life”, “Dream of You” & the inspirational “Love Lives On”. For all DeDe’s music visit: http://www.DeDe-Music.com. To contact DeDe’s management for radio play, Press Kits, reviews, band or solo bookings, speaking or concert engagements, or for radio or TV interviews, please contact Devon Hitteman at: DeDeWMusic@gmail.com

DREAM of YOU- DeDe's New Album Press Release!

DeDe Wedekind, or just “DeDe” as she goes by for music, is an award-winning singer/songwriter from Houston, Texas. DeDe won Song of the Year at the 2015 IMEA AWARDS in Atlanta this past October for her new single “Stronger” from her upcoming album, Dream of You. Dream of You is DeDe’s highly anticipated 4th album, which will be released on Feb 12, 2016.

For her new album, which has been almost 2 years in the making, DeDe’s been songwriting with Los Angeles-based Multi-Platinum Producer & Songwriter, Kevin DeClue (Hillary Duff, Charlie Midnight & Rihanna). DeDe wrote or co-wrote all the songs on Dream of You. This album and the new hit single: “Love Lives On”, were recorded at Nashville’s famed 515 Studio with Multi-Platinum mega-hit Songwriter & Producer, Andrew Fromm. Andrew is the songwriter for the ‘NSync “Millenium” album, the Backstreet Boys, Marc Anthony & many others, and he not only helped DeDe arrange the piano part for Love Lives On, but also is featured playing this song on DeDe’s new album.

DeDe’s currently a Featured New Artist with a 10-page! Spotlight on her music and her upcoming album in the February 2016 Indie Music Magazine (IMC Magazine pages 30-39), and you can find the article: DeDe: An Artist In Her Prime & Ahead of Her Time, here: http://www.theimcmag.com/. She’s also the Women of Substance Radio’s Featured Artist for February: http://www.wosradio.com. On Feb. 15th, DeDe’s featured as a New Artist in the March edition of the Lov3rs #Artists United Magazine, with a review of her new song, Prime of Life: http://www.magcloud.com/WEBVIEWER/1035477.

DeDe won 2 Albums of the Year (and one Song of the Year), from the International Music & Entertainment Awards in 2014 for Album #2: Love & Fairy Tales, and album #3: World of Christmas! Over the past 3 years of her 4-year career, DeDe’s been a repeat FINALIST in the following International Songwriting Contests: the International Songwriting Contest, The USA Songwriting Contest, the UK Songwriting Contest, the 2014 Annual Dallas Songwriting Contest, and Song of the Year.com’s 2015 Songwriting Contest in July 2015.

With over 110K fans worldwide, DeDe’s music’s recognized for: fusing genres, uplifting melodies, stunning vocals, and her honest, inspiring lyrics. An Air9 US, Canadian and European major market radio campaign starts in February for three singles from Dream of You: “Prime of Life”, “Dream of You” and “Love Lives On”. To listen to and purchase DeDe’s music, or to contact her management, please visit: http://www.DeDe-Music.com.

I'm a USA Songwriting Competition Finalist, Jan 2016!

Hi there, I just found out that my song, The Plans I Have for You won Top 10 FiNALIST in the Gospel/Inspirational Category of the USA Songwriting Contest for 2015! You can see a list of all the winners here: http://www.songwriting.net/winners

As always, thanks for listening to, purchasing my music, attending my shows, and signing up to Become my fan & get my monthly News here: http://www.Reverbnation.com/DeborahWedekind

I really appreciate your support very, very much!

-DeDe Wedekind http://www.DeDe-Music.com

DeDe's Christmastime News 2015!

Hi there,

A very merry and joyous Christmastime & a Happy New Year in 2016 to you! Thanks for being my fan, and for purchasing, sharing & listening to my music, and for all your support in 2015! Many exciting things are happening, but above all I wanted to wish you all a truly memorable & blessed Christmas! Just a few updates:

My New Album "Dream of You" As many of you know, my album is scheduled to be out very soon. We had a setback because I was ill for over a month, and couldn't sing! But it's back on track and we're almost finished mixing in Nashville, and on to mastering, and then the album will be out-hopefully in time for Christmas! If you want to reserve your signed copy, please feel free to email me or respond to this email with your address and the number you want. I'll hold one (or more) for my email family for just $10 plus $2 shipping each in the Continental US (shipping is for up to 4)!! This is a great deal because it will cost over $15 ea. to get one hardcopy if you order it after release...The songs are beautiful and a little different than my "usual". They're very honest & personal, with a bit of a folk, country-pop edge. I call it Amerifolk Pop-Country. There's also a little Latin jazz and even some rock-n-roll!

I think you'll enjoy the songs, and really relate to the lyrics. BTW- One original Single, "Stronger", already won Song of the Year at the 2015 IMEA Awards in Atanta on Oct. 24th, 2015, & Prime of Life was awarded Top 5 Finalist on Song of the Year.com, and nominated for Song of the Year at the 2015 IMEA awards! This album is actually based on the story of my life. A story all of us can relate to: the dreams of youth, falling in love, aspirations, challenges & regrets, moving on, dealing with changes, and finally: love & acceptance. I sing about romance, the real meaning of love, the importance of family bonds, disappointments & heartbreak, finally growing up! and being happy and content right where you are now.

Please listen to some of the new songs attached & here: www.Reverbnation.com/Deborahwedekind & please let me know what you think of my demos of "Stronger", "Prime of Life", "Recipe of Love" & "Dream of You" ok?

Upcoming Shows Since we've been working so hard on this album, we only have a handful of shows coming up, but I still wanted you to know about them...Most are private company Christmas parties, but I have a few shows coming soon:

New Years Show...in Boquete, Panama! Stay tuned, I'm sending info to my Latin American/Panamanian friends soon! This show will be much different than my Christmas show at the Rock- more Jazzy and more dance music!

Feb 13, 2016, 7-9pm Valentine's Show at the Bender Performing Arts Center, Humble. Featuring jazzy-pop standards by classical Soprano Megan Stapleton, & Mezzo Soprano DeDe Wedekind :) More show information TBA!

Have a wonderful Christmas and God bless you & your families!

DeDe & Larry (Cookie & Sugar too!) Wedekind :)

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Interview Lounge & Unclaimed Bands Radio Show: DeDe's New Album "Dream of You"

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