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Getting psyched up to start Recording at ol 5th street studio on the 17th!!

Please send us your Good Energy and best Wishes as we are in the studio. Weather you like to believe it or not, simply thinking about us recording with finesse and ease. Makes all the difference in the World.

A thousand Thank Yous 3

Glorius Tomatoes
Glorius Tomatoes  (almost 5 years ago)

record those tracks with finesse

As a matter of fact (According to Mr. Fisher)

As a matter of fact we are on this earth(school) to learn individually and subjectively to further better the greatness of "reality"(What ever that is).

Its one thing to say "This is love, and the is agony,or hatred, jealousy etc." the list goes on. BUT it is a completely other thing to experience these trials we face. AND to go into into wholeheartedly without know what the outcome may be(which when you go to the other realm our 'home' all this drama that happens on earth no matter how aweful and 'end of the worldly' it may seem....IT HONESTLY DOESN'T MATTER!!!). So with having that said, it is best to go into this life with a certain amnesia to better our experience in this physical realm. To truly feel the lesson that has been set for our lives before we even start.

You are a Divine Immortal Being, dont ever forget that!!!

New Album

We have 5th Street Studio booked for August 17 directly after Slayer finishes their new album. We are hoping to have it out by the end of September. Hope your as excited as we are!!!