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"Fair City Lights" Release

The record is finished and the masters are in!!! Fair City Lights will be released on April 4th. The release party is scheduled for the same day at Cosmic Charlie's in Lexington, Ky. The Fanged Robot, Wayne Graham and Geordan Brewer will share the stage.


I've finished in the studio. Fair City Lights will be available soon. Check out http://igg.me/at/FairCityLights to help us come up with the money to get this thing released.

Workin' On The Record (All the live-long day)

I'm in the early stages of work toward my first album. There are still many decisions to be made. ( Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Who knows, your ideas may even make it on the record.) The recording process is scheduled to begin in mid January. With luck we'll have a finished product by spring!

Shawn Caudill
Shawn Caudill  (almost 5 years ago)

I think there should be more of and plenty of piano and keyboard in this upcoming record! :-)


There will be shirts in the near future. Design will be posted soon an we can get 'em on your backs.