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Promised Land © 2012 Aaron Seibert

Realization of a postulate, liberation of a prophet Another dollar in your pocket on your way to the promised land

Deforestation in the tropics, fascination with the topic Hold the power ‘til you drop it on your way to the promised land

Dramatization of the scene, organization of the clean Time to exploit that which is green on your way to the promised land

Machinations by those who have led, creating enemies in your head Soon, you shall cross a sea of red on your way to the promised land

When the pushing comes to shove, the only true answer is love Now, let the rain fall down from above on your way to the promised land

Reflections of the mind, resurrection of the kind If you seek, then you will find another way to the promised land


Edoras © 2012 Aaron Seibert

Reach the top of the mountain, see the world below

Dip in the river, drawing you down to the sea

Listen to drumming thunda, feel the gentle breeze

Dream of being kissed by a snowflake on your cheek

Catch a falling maple leaf, sing among the trees

Walk upon the field until the long day is done

Gaze now at the butterfly dancing in the wind

Be one with it all, swim in the light of the sun


Blue Sky © 2012 Aaron Seibert

blue sky, beautiful may you take me in so high, immeasurable envelope all within

give me meaning in my life… …show me everything

blue sky, beautiful, blue sky

Sunshine, nourishing may you warm me through so bright, blazing glory make the blue sky blue

Take me further beyond life… …and infinity too

blue sky, beautiful, blue sky


The Slow & Steady Rise © 2012 Aaron Seibert

Floating over planet Earth, I’m somewhere in the big, blue sky Here I am, I’m falling fast, I hope this feeling lasts before I say goodbye Watching and waiting as the ground is getting closer there’s bound to be an impact of some kind Will it be my fate, or am I just too late, how long before I fly?

It’s all in my head I’m looking for the where, and I’m waiting for the when Now will never come again

Now, my feet have touched the ground, and I kind of like the sound With every single step I take a consistent rhythm makes as they softly pound I’m looking towards the sun, and I hope that this trip around will be the one that starts the slow and steady rise I know that one of these trips around will be the one that I begin to fly

It’s all in my head I’m looking for the where, and I’m waiting for the when Now will never come again

I always dreamt this moment would come to me I always knew this moment was meant to be, and down below, the planet Earth is lying underneath the darkest night Everywhere it’s quiet as I continue the slow and steady rise www.facebook.com/sleeperdreams

venil  (over 5 years ago)

your words and thoughts are amazing!!!

Hey Rodin © 2012 Aaron Seibert

Hey Rodin, what were you thinking? Did you ponder the stone? Did it have a soul all it’s own? Did you live your life alone? Hey father, did you think as he? Were you the wandering wonder? Was it a spell you were under? What of life did you ponder? www.facebook.com/sleeperdreams

Sleeper © 2005 Aaron Seibert

Enter the dreams of the sleeper Set aside your fears my dear Take a ride on the rails The time has come to set sail over the choppy waters within Enter me, set your sights on discovery, but you’ll soon find this ride through the mind is not free Stick to the well lit path my friend There are no endings, only new turns, beginnings, places to be A silent rhythm awakens beginning as a faint pulse, you are soon overtaken Moving through space and time, it eventually intensifies to the point you finally realize that it has always been there in your heart primordial, moving the air around you, and within The joy of nature singing, “this is it, this is who you have always been!” www.facebook.com/sleeperdreams