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New Seasons

Wow I was out of commission there for a minute! God has been teaching me things that I will need for this journey into this season of my life. Lost and gained a few friends, found out who is really with you and can see it from your side of the room so to speak. All of this makes for great song writing. I have elevated a bit higher in the clouds and the things I am seeing there I wish I could share. When the time is right I know I will be free to do so, but not now, there is work to still be done. Cannot run this race really fast because there is no sustainability in that tempo. Gotta embrace the wilderness moments so all the lessons learned will be the ammunition needed in my basket. This year is coming in with a bang and already trying to move ahead of the designated time. It has been a long time coming, but I cannot rush it I must wait on the completion of the process.

The Test

Got really great feedback from here and I thank all that participated.

Learning Curves

So today after getting my first radio ready review back I realized even more so something I always knew which is the public audience is so diverse in opinions. The one constant the voice sounded great, the lyric writing was good, but there where highs and lows in the music and production area. I wish there was a way to respond to some of the reviewers but then I guess it is great for it to be the way that it is. Hey this is a ROUGH MIX, not mixed or mastered which I know is a taboo to put it out there before, but getting feedback to make sure we are in the right lane is always helpful. I know once the mix and mastering is done, there will be more that will like it and those that don't everyone is entitled to like and dislike. I am grateful for the reviews though because it gave me another lane of learning and understanding that I must continue to believe on myself and that the opinions of others doesn't make or break it just gives you a place to listen, review, assess and move forward not necessarily do what is suggested, but take all things under consideration and pray and ask for guidance then allow God to lead me. I am so honored by those who take the time to do these reviews and thank every one of you.

In Memory

Today for some reason I thought about someone who was a my musical mentor. He put in me all of who I am and encouraged me with a fire I could never extinguish, He showed me how to pull on what was deep inside and release it everytime I sang. I have mourned him many years now. Today I declare that everything that I do this moment forward will be done with hopes he will be proud and that he is looking down with a smile. I love and miss you my friend. I wish you were here, but truth be told you are always with me every time I sing it is because of you I am. Missing you Fred.

Forward Motion

Well so everything I have put into motion this weekend has motivated the hubby/producer to get moving on final mix and mastering. SOOOO EXCITED!!!! Financially a recording project takes time and money if you are an indie artist, but well worth it to say it is my baby, I did this. My husband put out a single years ago and that single still sounds great on CD Baby. I guess one day I will be like him. He is so fabulous! Grateful to God for allowing me to come this far and feels great to have the urgency that is promoting the forward motion.


I realized that I have to be more focused than ever to make 2014 the year musically God and I go forward. For many years the investment was made in other visions making other people great. Now I step out on faith saying God with your help all things are possible I believe you will do exceedingly and abundantly above anything that I can imagine, it is all about putting all of my trust in you.

Today's focus is trusting with all my heart not trying to make sense of anything and in everything I do He get's the accolades, I know he will show me the way.

The Journey

It has been a long road to this point, but I am setting aside all fears and reaching out to God and deep within to share what He has given me. I don't claim to be a prolific songwriter, but I do have stories in these songs that everyone can relate to. Go with me as I take this ride and I as I go along I will write about my experiences, ups and downs. I pray this blesses you.