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The real story about Nashville.......

I thought it only fair that I share with you all a little insight on what's going on in Nashville. I have had so many well wishes and thoughts I'm overwhelmed. I wanted you all to know the story......it's not quite as glamorous or gutsy as you might think or had hoped, however, very exciting! My stepson is graduating from college this week; from Vanderbilt University to be exact. We are extremely excited and proud of him. As many of you know, Vandy is in Nashville. I am a person who believes everything happens for a reason and every opportunity that's given should be seized. Some of you may also know that last year my manager was relocated to Nashville. Since we were going to be here and this is where connections are made I thought it would be amazing if we could book a gig..........we did :)! Because Coincidence is just God's way of staying anonymous I believe that we're here with this opportunity for a reason. Maybe just to build on the spark, maybe to have the experience, maybe it's to give me a realistic view of what I'm up against, maybe it's just to become closer to my family and relax or maybe this is the big break! All I know is I'm here, God has a plan and I'm going to make the most of it! I am doing my best to make some connections as well as take it all in, Nashville is an amazing place. I'll keep you all posted and appreciate your thoughts! You all know I'm hoping this is the big break so if you think about it say a prayer around noon on Saturday, that's when we play!!!! Love you all,

sonzaViz  (over 3 years ago)

You are right, God has a plan.
My name is Roger Shea and I live near Fort Collins. I also have a home in Nashville. I have been trying to contact you, but have been unable to find a phone number for you. While you are in Nashville, I would like you to meet a producer friend of mine who can have a huge impact on your career. He is the producer who developed Amy Grant, as well as many others. Please call me at 970-224-2500 and we can talk.

What Comes Next......?

Anybody feel this way? You have a fire a dream, a start. You work with it, you have huge successes and then what? Of course I'm talking about music and my career however, I think this can't be just me. Doesn't everybody in some way go through the what's next stage. How do we move past this? Here's what I think. I believe that sometimes the what comes next stage is a test, a breather, a check point. In every job, hobby, dream, business there is an inflection point. It's a "T" in the road. This is the point of decision making and it really isn't always easy. Sometimes it's the choices you've made that get you to this point however, many times it's life and choices that others you've surrounded yourself with have made that can place you at a point of inflection. (No blaming by the way, take it from me, it gets you nowhere) Here is where I think it gets tricky. It's these inflection points, these "T's" in the road that build the person, the character. This is where the sense of self is built and comes into play. If you already have a strong sense of self these times can be worked through pretty easily (sometimes too easily) If you don't have a strong sense of self these points can totally immobilize you. Sometimes it doesn't matter who you are these times just tie you up in knots and you stumble around for months and years trying to get untied. Sometimes you set up camp right there in the middle of the four way stop and wait until someone else ends up there with you and helps you make your decision or you get so tired of being in one place you "eany, Meany, miney, Moe" it and hope for the best. So, I am at an inflection point. I've been at this point for almost exactly a year, March 23rd to be exact. Many of you know that date, it was the date of my CD release. I've been sitting and waiting, pulling and tugging, searching to decide what I'm supposed to do next. I don't like these times, I'm not a very patient person so sitting and waiting, listening, is not a comfortable place for me. Well, I've waited and I've been patient, all the while struggling and trying to be open. FINALLY....... I feel a strong wind of change in my spirit, I don't know what it is but, I've only ever felt it like this one other time before and ....... well let's just say, life changed. I share this because I know I'm not the only person who goes through these times and well, let's be honest, they can be very scary and very hard to get through. Here's what I've learned, Breath, It's okay! Don't be afraid of yourself and what your spirit and heart are telling you. Try to be quiet and listen. Let me also share this, I don't believe that anyone has a truly hateful or mean spirit. I do believe that life happens to people and through circumstances they're hearts get hard and their mind takes over and evil can creep in. I say this because, if all you hear is negative when you start to be quiet and sit in this place of decision then you need and I mean NEED to make a decision to not sit in this place alone. Find someone to sit with you who can tell you the positive things you need to hear until you are strong enough to hear what your heart and spirit are truly saying. Stay tuned for more on what this change might be, I'm okay sharing. I believe we all should be a little more honest about who we are and what we go through, we might find it a little less Lonely :) What's next for you :), It can be exciting if you're willing to enjoy the ride !

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