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Friday June 1st, "Chris Simmons and Royal Blue" is back at the Kaffeeklatsch in Huntsville, AL. Saturday June 2nd "Chris Simmons and Royal Blue" live at Gip's Place in Bessemer, AL Saturday June 9th "Chris Simmons and Royal Blue" at the Funky Blues Shack in Destin, FL

Sept 07 2010

We're all getting excited about the upcoming release from Elton John and our Legendary Band Leader Leon Russell... and the performances to come in support of "The Union". Producer T-Bone Burnett and his band will be playing some of the initial concerts and we'll be doing some but we're not sure which ones yet... but we're getting geared up! - The trip to London was a whole lotta fun! and it wore my ass out. It was some our first time to London so Brandon, Beau and I took a day to see Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.. we also stopped in at a couple really old Cathedrals. The intricate architecture and beauty is really indescribable. - There have been a few surreal moments on the road in the past few weeks. I stumbled into a music store in Pittsburgh a couple weeks ago and met the DeLeo Brothers from Stone Temple Pilots! Super Nice Fellas! - A few days before that, Keith Richards attended an intimate show on Long Island...!!! That was an electrified performance to say the least. It was a real honor and pleasure to meet him and his manager Jane Rose. - We're heading back out to Texas this weekend. In support of my debut blues album, "Old News To Me", I'm opening the show with "The World Class Band" for the second time at Threadgills and for the first time at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels Tx. I'm a few weeks into recording my second album. It should be available early next year.

abgulla  (about 7 years ago)

Saw you at Showcase Live in Foxboro MA on December 1. You blew me away! I've ordered two copies of your CD, one for myself and one as a Christmas gift, and I can't wait till they get here. We were looking forward to seing Leon, and I knew that would be awesome, but you were such a fantastic surprise. It's great to come away from an evening like that having discovered something fresh and amazing that you never expected. I'll be following you, and looking forward to the next time you play near Boston!

Opening the shows

I opened the shows this past weekend. My first show was to a sold out crowd at Threadgill's in Austin, TX. I must say I was just a bit nervous, but Jack, Brandon and Beau we're there to lay it down and make it sound good even when I was coming outta my shoes a little. Sunday in San Leon my nerves went away and I was able to soak it in a little more. Thanks to the great audiences in Austin and San Leon for making me feel welcome to play some of my songs for them before the Great Leon Russell came out.

The Road with Leon

I just got home this morning. Luckily we dodged most of the bad weather out on this last trip to Lincoln, Kansas City, Cherokee Village and Memphis. It sure got bad all around us and back home. The set is really cookin' right now. I'm having more fun playing music right now than I've had in long time. It's nice to have another guitar player on stage. Since I got it refretted, I'm playing the Freddie King guitar all the time now .. which adds major mojo to the whole affair. We played "Baby Blue" the other night at Knuckleheads... right out of the blue, Leon goes into it.. it was great! I wish i knew how to play the song better. I will next time.

Come out and see us, we're getting geared up for some summer shows!

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WTF? CHARGE FOR LIQUOR IF YOU WISH.. BUT COME ON! BEER? CHARGING THE BAND FULL PRICE FOR BEER IS SUPER STUPID. I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN WITH YOUR $20 YOU SAVED. anyways, thanks everyone for coming last night! see you tonite at the Rogue Tavern. Peace.

been havin fun

i've a few dates playing rock n roll with Red Halo and Saturday nite, I played the first blues gig in support of my cd, "Old News To Me". I had a few a old friends with me at the Metro Bar and Music in Birmingham, AL. It was a lot of fun and it brought back some old memories... and I sold a few CDs as well! Thanks to all who came out in support.

Bandito Burrito S. Parkway in Huntsville tonite.

I called to see what was going on, looking for a blues jam or something and the band couldnt make it tonight so I asked if I could come. So here I go. See you round 9pm.

New Shirts

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