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"Angel" - The new song from Screams of Desire

So once upon a time I dreamt of a song that crossed the borders of heaven and hell, purgatory if you like.

I expanded this idea to having one person in a personal nightmare who can't decide whether A: to die and B: if to die and go to heaven or hell. This is where the Angel comes into play. Angel of death maybe?

The twisted guitar intro is to give the sense of a beginning of a nightmare. The words "I'm stuck in a past life" could be interpreted to being stuck in a miserable life or being stuck between heaven and hell replaying the miserable sins that may of occurred, I will leave the interpretation up to the listener.

There is some obvious sin or sins that this person has been involved in (and by the way none of this is relevant to anything to do with my life!), he struggles for forgiveness, does he want the Angel to decide fate for him?

We then come to the eary young boys voice in the break of the song (who is actually my son and was recorded many years before), is this the persons son calling him back to life? Is it a haunting and chilling memory of the last few moments of this persons life? Could it be a dark angel playing tricks on the person? Again this will be left up to the listener to interpret.

The outro is similar to the chilling beginning but more repetitive, this has been done on purpose to make you think that the nightmare never ends.

Originally this song was about 8 minutes long and had a more heavy feel with the guitars but it was too heavy. As much as I love heavy metal my voice does not suit the heaviness of some of these songs so I had to cut it back to a heavy rock song genre.

Whatever you may make of this song, please understand that a lot of the theme is about self discovery and although the story behind it may be dark (typically this is how I write) it doesn't necessarily have to be a dark tune. I hope you enjoy the song as much as I enjoyed creating it.

May peace fill your heart.

"Nothing But Dreams" Whats it about?

Hi guys and gals,

Well, Nothing but dreams is a song about an individual wanting love. To be more precise a fixation on a a women who the man can't have, hence he dreams of nothing but the dream of having "her" his one and only. Distraught by reality he ends up living in his dream world, hence the words "c'mon dream with me".

Be sure to listen to the song at the bridge (around 3.10) for the build up to what I call the boom effect. What is the boom effect you ask? Well, think that you are on stage with a slow song, lights are dimmed, the bridge builds and the drums are starting to thud up until BOOM! All the instruments kick in and all the stage lights flood the audience with pyros being set off at the same time...Phew! Hope that sums it up!

Anyway I hope you enjoy the song.

It's here! "Show Me The Way To Your Heart" featuring Maria Woodland

Well what a couple of weeks... Recording, mixing, mastering etc on "Show me the way to your heart".

Maria Woodland heads up the lead vocals on this track, a classical singer turned pop/rock for this track. Maria has plenty of vocal experience from the past and has toured through Asia with her classical singing.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Maria on this track and we hope to work again soon.

If you haven't heard the song yet then go check it out on the main page. For a limited time you can download the track for free if you subscribe to the mailing list and become a fan. This is just a way of us saying thank you to you the fans.

Till next time


New video for new song called "Desire" on youtube

Check out the new vid for "Desire" on youtube - www.youtube.com/screamsofdesire The song is all about sex, desire and obsession.

*** New song - Show Me The Way To Your Heart ***

A new song has been posted to the site called Show me the way to your heart. The song is about regret and a broken heart. I am currently working on the lyrics and will post once complete. Enjoy.