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hey everyone thanks for checking out my page and if you like what you hear like on facebook and if you got twitter follow me and if you fan me ill fan you back. i am looking forward to hearing from some of you simaler artist about what you think about the message in my music coupled with my partner SHiNY ROOTZ straight out the tree top methosd style of recoding like no other. music with a message is my goal weather your a hard core rocker or a bluegrass king music with a message is where its at as far as im am concerned i love al genras of music no partiscim here. so if you want me to check out what you got going on just drop me a line im checking my page messages on a daily to say the least so get at me and ill get back with you. and if you are in the NWO area and want some help in the visual aid and or creative counceling area in video or photographic aids for album covers we can talk about that too. coming soon is the Tree Top Methods where recording and visual aid are where we love to send messages. also working for a creative atmosphere where boundries are non existant if you can dream it well do are best to make it work with the recorses avalible. also if dreaming it is where you fall short our creative counceling services are a good perk. being able to tap in to the crativity of some borderline delusinal minds is one place you can look. hope to hear from you soon yo peace im out!!!