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john lafave / Blog

SANCTUM ... Get on Home.

Father's Day… Twenty-Fifteen. I was waiting for the get-together with my kids. Our day's event was to do a movie... Jurassic World. The family was humoring me. I love movies together. And after-all, it was my day. While waiting, guitar in hand, I was noodling with some open-chord riffs. They had a nice resonance. I began putting them into a framework that could work for a song, and before you know it, I was putting the final strokes to "Get on Home"… lyrics and all. The whole thing raced to an end in less than an hour... wish every song was so effortless... they're not. The song is about the protagonist's experience with relationships. Loving... and leaving. First, he himself, then an unnamed lover and then, memories of his father whom he had broken ties with early on. It's about the ease with which many walk away from meaningful relationships today. The father scene is actually my memory of the day I told my father I was moving out. I was the final of his five children to grow and leave. And though he was a tough man, I could see how hard it was for him. He was being a trooper… and life moves on. Sometimes, it's only in looking back that you appreciate the subtleties. Being that it was Father's day, there is also a suggestion of the prodigal story, and the larger love of a true Father. When doing the video, the idea of everyone on the move seemed fitting. So images of driving became the theme. There is an interesting interim after the bridge and before the final verse which was fixed within the timeframe of the recording. I spent a few days filling it. It’s a sound montage made up of a door-slam, an engine ignition and a car driving off… all that is surrounded by orchestral swells. But in the distance, a melody is playing. That took some thought. I was considering song melodies that were about being lonesome. The ones I considered were… “all the lonely people” from the Beatles “Eleanor Rigby”… “alone again, naturally” by Gilbert o’ Sullivan and a few others. What made the final cut was this. From Hank Williams’ “I’m So Lonesome” song … the melody.. “hear that lonesome whippoorwill”… then… “I’m so lonesome I could cry… and then the melody from… “somewhere over the rainbow.” That’s it, give or take a syllable and note. I think the overall feel of the soundscape works. Let me know if you do. You can stream free “Get on Home” and the entire “Beat Down These Gates” Album at: http://www.cdbaby/cd/rightreverendjohn. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving. JEL

Introducing .. SANCTUM.

FACEBOOK and TWITTER each have their charm, but are no place for real, reflective thought. At least that's how I see it. As an Artist and Writer I try to position my work to reach those who might appreciate and gain something from it. STAGE COUP RECORDS is the hub where I attempt to pull all that together and connect with other like-minded artists whose aims are similar. But, what do I really think? What are my real thoughts about art, culture, spirituality, current events and world affairs? SANCTUM is my personal space and place to express all of that. It may or may not be of interest to you, but if so, if it is, SANCTUM is where you'll find it. As of this writing, 11.14.15, cable-news is filled with the accounts of last night's PARIS attacks ... heartbreaking. There seems to be very little space between this, the last or the next atrocity. Slogans, symbolism and cute links don't seem adequate when pondering such things. Posting and tweeting are awkward and insufficient. SANCTUM will be my place to vet, rant and express my thoughts. SANCTUM also allows me to provide expanded liner notes for each song and album release, which should prove interesting, at least for me. Anyway, I look forward to it. So, here we go... blogging. SANCTUM will be under-construction for a bit, but we're up and running. I'm not waiting for perfection. Be patient, this is new to me, but I'm oh so eager. WELCOME. http://stagecoupmediapublishing.weebly.com/sanctum

"Diamonds on the Floor"


Latest "Streets Tour" Itinerary.

CONFIRMED DATES: -West End Farmers Market at Vine Street 4101 Harding Pike (Corner of Vine), Nashville, TN. 37205 / 940-782-0057 SATURDAY, AUGUST 2nd - 10am. -Richland Park Farmers Market 4601 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209 / (615) 880-2001 (adjacent to The Richland Park Library.) SATURDAY, AUGUST 16 - 10am. -"Build a Better Block on 51st" Initiative. 700 51st Ave N. Nashville, TN 37209 SATURDAY, AUGUST 23rd - 1PM -Smoker's Abbey (east nashville) 604 Gallatin Ave. Ste 102, East Nashville, TN 37206 / 615-678-8458 SATURDAY,SEPTEMBER 6th -7pm till 9pm -MaKay Used Books and CD's 636 Old Hickory Blvd (at I-40 exit), Nashville, TN. 37209 / (423) 892-0067 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th - 11am. -Friedman's Army Navy Surplus 2101 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212 / (615) 297-3343 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th - 12noon till 3pm -New Life Record Shop 5343 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN 37209 / (615) 292-0946 (Date Pending - End of September) Video Shoot....

Ballad of the Nez Perce Run

https://soundcloud.com/johnedlafave/ballad-of-the-nez-perce-run. www.StageCoupRecords.com.

"Wrong Side of the World" CD Release.

Progressive Americana ... Lyric-Driven, Blues Influenced. "Wrong Side of the World" is an eclectic mix of Vintage Rock, Progressive Americana, and Blues-Influenced activism. These are human songs, with Dylan-like perspective. As a product of the Sixties, John LaFave leaves none of that behind in his current approach to writing and delivery. These seven songs span the gamut of human, political and artistic experience.

"truth and art" entry one.

Music business is a business. It's what it is. But for some it can be stifling. There's a constant tension between music's art and it's commerce. The perspective of many on the business end of things is "how can we fit this into something else and make money?" The artist's perspective is usually "how can I stand apart from others and express myself uniquely?" This too is what it is..

#PayYourTaxes. Listening to "Dirty Politician."

Ok,here's the deal. The song "Dirty Politician" is a free download for 2 weeks. Go to (http://www.reverbnation.com/johnlafave) download it to your phone. While playing song on your phone's player , use your video camara to film you doing your taxes (minus tax form info) Post your movie on You Tube (send us link), on my wall or send them directly to me John@StageCoup Records.com. We will use them to help promote the Dirty Politician release. The best 3 (in our opinion) will win free CD & T-Shirt. By the way, simple and funny is good. #PayYourTaxes. #HouseOfCardsTheme. #SickOfPolitics.

"High Water Road." Exclusive Sale.

Half the Proceeds go to "Sweet Relief Musicians Fund" that provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems. In other words, Healing Musicians in Need. We all have received so much out of music, it's time to give a little back!

Target Cities for Radio

Elizabethtown,KY. Evansville, IN. Louisville, KY.