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Team Cluster

Finally finished the first Team Cluster song, "Rising". more details here: https://teamcluster.bandcamp.com

Mastered at Witchape Studio by Tad Doyle


Slow But Sure

Posted a demo from Team Cluster. Still a work in progress, and missing some parts, but it'll get the idea across. Enjoy!


After 4 years of development, Team Cluster is finally starting to come together. A 5 Song EP is in the works. There is a lot of work left, but a solid plan is in place and strong progress has been made. I am shooting for early Aug, we shall see. Wish us luck.

More of this and that

Added a couple songs from the new Comedy Of Terrors record I played on. Also added a song from a band I recorded with a couple years back called The Last Great Love.

Currently working on some new Team Cluster stuff, having fun!

3 Page Note

Posted a remix of an older Team Cluster song, 3 Page Note. It's a bit difficult to get things just so with all of us in different areas of the country, but it is a lot of fun. Enjoy

No Regrets

Been a long process getting this song done. John Yanes wrote it many years back and I wanted to give it a remake. We started with the reworking about 4 yrs back. It has been laying around in parts and pieces never really going anywhere, kind of got lost in the shuffle. It has bothered me for quite a while that it never got finished, so I went after it again a couple months back. Had drums (The Great Scott Taylor), bass (me), and most of the vox (John Yanes) in half states. Asked Robert Jones to give a go at the guitars (and many iterations of them at my incessant request). Finally put it all together this weekend at Crackle & Pop! Hope you enjoy it!

Nice Finish

Went into London Bridge with CoT, knocked out 6 songs, all live from the floor, was a great time, we played well and it was a fitting end. Will post when mixed and mastered. Back at Team Cluster soon.

Almost wrapped up

Going into the studio next week with CoT, knock out 6 tunes and formally end my tenure. onward.

About Team Cluster

TC started a few years back when I got in touch with a few old friends/band mates from my Jr. High and High School days. All of us were still playing and decided to make some music via the internet, trading ideas, piecing it together and just having fun. 3 Page features Robert Jones (one of my best childhood friends) on guitar, and Scott Taylor (best friend in HS) on drums. Sure was fun.

Things change

Finishing up with CoT, great band and even better guys, but time I focus on some of my previous obligations.